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Eivy Base Layers 2024/25 Preview

Retail Buyers Guide:  Base Layers 2024/25 Retail Buyer’s Guide
Brand:  Eivy
Interviewee: Anna Vister, Creative Director

What’s your base layer strategy for 2024/25?
The biggest news from us is that we are finally launching our wool range, to complement our current range of base layers made of recycled polyester. Our overall strategy is to have an offering that lets women travel as light as possible and have as much fun as possible with as few garments as possible thanks to their multifunctionality!

Are there any new trends in base layers?
More and more players are coming in, copying our integrated neck warmers and shapes, but we also see the overall market segment growing which is really positive. More and more women are into traveling light, having multifunctional garments and staying dry and warm during a multitude of activities.

What are the key materials you are using?
Until now we have been using two different Global Recycled Standard® and Oeko-Tex® certified 4-way stretch fabrics with UPF50+ rating, one ribbed version with peached inside and one solid face version. For 24/25 this is being accompanied by wool in two new Responsible Wool Standard® qualities: One core spun 4-way stretch version and one 2×2 rib 4-way stretch version, both non itchy and really soft with an incredible hand feel.

Do you have any tech innovations for 2024/25?
Our printed wool base layers in our signature Eivy fit with integrated neckwarmer is a first in the industry.

What colours and patterns are you working with?
We have a couple of new exciting prints, for example Big Flower with its colours matching our solid colors and Curve Camo, our more feminine take on a classic camo pattern. Solid color news for the season is a dark brown called Faded Chocolate.

What are your main price points?
Our tops are 69,95 € and 79,95 € depending on style with tights at 69,95 €. For wool tops it will be 119,95 € and 139,95 € depending on style with tights at 99,95 €.

Key Products

Icecold Gaiter Top – Big Flower: Our signature integrated neckwarmer top in a lovely big flower design with colors matching our rib collection for mixing and matching.

icecold gaiter top

icecold gaiter top

Icecold Wool Top – Leopard: Our legendary Leopard pattern, now in core-spun 4-way stretch wool.

icecold wool top

icecold wool top

Pocket Rib Wool Tights – Bloom: The most multifunctional wool tights we could imagine. Super soft fabric, double layer mid height waistband and integrated thigh pockets.

Pocket rib wool tights

Pocket rib wool tights

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