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Brand:  es
Interviewee: Michael Morey, footwear designer and merchandiser

New collection themes for next season?
The theme for this season is a focus on the team. Braden Hoban, the rookie pro who has been on fire for a couple of years gets his first signature shoe this season, as well as a new hi-top style from the magical mind of team OG Kevin “Spanky” Long.  This season is a celebration of the shared passion that ties us all together– the love of skateboarding. We continue to leverage our heritage to tell the story of éS. With a catalog of groundbreaking styles over nearly 30 years, there’s always something to draw inspiration from.

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Are there new trends to be aware of for next season?
We see color beyond black-and-white skate shoes trending in skate footwear. This season we have put a focus on bringing more interesting colorways to the line while still keeping it wearable and true to Emerica. We continue to see the 90’s and early 00’s trend resonating with skaters across generations. Rest assured there’s plenty of nostalgic flavor represented in this season’s line to satisfy skaters of all ages.

Are you working on any collaborations/ crossovers with brands?
The past few seasons we’ve brought to market some exciting collaborations with brands both near to skateboarding and outside. These projects are always exciting, but we’ve noticed a saturation of collaborative product in the market. This season we are taking a step back to refocus on team-based projects.  No brand crossovers this season, but tons of new and familiar product to be excited about!

The Swift 1.5

The Swift 1.5

What’s new in terms of silhouettes?
The big story for this season is the debut signature shoe for Braden Hoban. Braden’s skating speaks for itself, and he was very specific with making a shoe that holds up to his needs on the board. What may seem like a familiar silhouette is actually packed with features and some signature flavor.  Another exciting one is the Spanky Hi. This is an understated high top with low-key details that’s sure to have the minimalist skate crowd excited. The new silhouette for the season is the Two Nine 8. This is a retro style based on one of our most beloved styles from the late 90’s. We kept the upper the same as everone remembers it and built it upon a team favorite outsole. It’s padded, yet sleek and comes complete with reflective details and an EVA midsole for comfort and cushioning.

Are you introducing any new technology this season?
Yes. The Hoban will feature Enduraseam technology, which is a rolled edge toe cap with triple stitching. This helps to protect the edge of the toe cap from abrasion and extend the life of the shoe. This model will also introduce Empact insoles, which is a spongy PU formula designed to absorb impact from harsh landings. No new technology this season, but there’s plenty of mainstay tech features across the line to love. Energy Foam insoles and midsoles, Thermothane welded panels and underlays, and even the return of the System O2 airbag on the Creager. Keep your eyes peeled for what’s to come…

What are the must have skate shoes for FW24?
The must have skate shoes are the Hoban, the Spanky Hi, and the OG-1! Style, nostalgia, comfort– the Two Nine 8 is an absolute no-brainer! Additionally, the Go Skateboarding Day Accel is a celebratory piece that belongs in every skate fan’s collection.

The Creager

The Creager

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