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Hours is yours Skate footwear F/W 2024 Preview

Retail Buyers Guide:  Skate Footwear FW2024 Retail Buyer’s Guide
Brand:  Hours is Yours
Interviewee: Lukas Steidle - Sales Manager - Europe

What’s going on in the European skate shoe market?
Brands within the segment continue to require fast adaption across all channels of their production and sales cycle. Market demand is constantly changing due to the uncertain economic environment whereas the footwear segment is driven by a very loyal customer profile at the same time. This is exactly where the opportunity sits for new brands with a clear USP and brand direction. Skater-owned and operated footwear brands are becoming more and more rare whereas there is an appetite on the market for a clean and casual product developed and designed from skaters for skaters. We are seeing a consolidated market which allows us to confidently occupy a niche and offer a cohesive and appealing product palette that makes a pleasant contrast to the current offering on the skate shoe market.

Are you noticing any changes?
Considering the current economic climate in Europe consumers are becoming much more hesitant when it comes to spending their money on non-essential and lifestyle product. The quality price ratio becomes an essential driver for success, especially across the independent footwear brands. We are working very closely with the brand to make sure our market requirements are being met & we continue to expand and get the brand the visibility it deserves.



Are price points increasing?
We are very happy to see constant improvements in terms of construction and quality of used materials whereas keeping our core price point especially throughout our topsellers – The Cohiba and CODE. Establishing a coherent and competitive price structure has been one of our key premises and we are stoked that we won’t go off that path for FA24.

New collection themes for next season?
FW2024 We are diving into premium napa leathers in a few styles while working on releasing some entirely new silhouettes.



Are there new trends to be aware of for next season?
Clean and mean

Are you working on any collaborations/ crossovers with brands?
Jacuzzi Unlimited for 2024, Thrasher Video Projects, and something special is always on the road ahead.

What’s new in terms of silhouettes?
Dilo Mid Cup Sole has been in the works for min and we have two new Vulc low tops to work into the mix.



Are you introducing any new technology this season?

Is sustainability a concern in your brand?
We like to be cognizant on who we work with for production to ensure there is little waste throughout the process.

What are the must have skate shoes for FW24?



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