Osiris Skate footwear F/W 2024 Preview

Retail Buyers Guide:  Skate Footwear FW2024 Retail Buyer’s Guide
Brand:  Osiris
Interviewee: Brian Barber – General Manager

What’s going on in the European skate shoe market?
From the looks of it, chunkier silhouettes and footwear that has a bit more tech seem to be on the rise in popularity.

Are you noticing any changes?
The resurgence of chunkier silhouettes is quite apparent. The standard low top vulcanized shoe that we have all seen and loved does not seem to be on the consumer’s radar as much as past years. Seems like consumers want footwear with a less generic appearance.

Are price points increasing?
Yes, slightly.


We are working with an array of influencers, other brand collaborations as well as musicians to push the brand.

New collection themes for next season?
This season we’re trying to intermingle some original and new colorways ranging from single to multitone. We’ve noticed many requests to bring back some OG colorways and we are doing so while also incorporating new colorways to keep the line feeling fresh.

Are there new trends to be aware of for next season?
Again, the chunky silhouette and increased tech appear to be on the rise.

Are you working on any collaborations/ crossovers with brands?
There’s always something in the works…keep your eyes peeled!



What’s new in terms of silhouettes?
No new silhouettes at the moment, but definitely some works in progress.

Are you introducing any new technology this season?
No new tech this season.

Is sustainability a concern in your brand?
Sustainability is always a concern; we do our best to use sustainable materials when possible.

What are the must have skate shoes for FW24?
D3 OG, D3 2001, Graff, and the Peril


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