FLUX Snowboard Boots 2024/25 Preview

Retail Buyers Guide:  Snowboard Boots 2024/25 Retail Buyers Guide
Brand:  Flux
Interviewee: Kyosuke Ogata

How would you describe the current state of the snowboard market? What big developments, changes, challenges, and/or opportunities are you seeing and how is your brand navigating them?
Since COVID19 pandemic ends, people are start going out and travel around, so the market got busy. The big challenge is re-Blanding, we changed our logo and trying to more focus on promotion and marketing.

Following overall price increase, any positive developments with regards to manufacturing, sourcing, or logistics and the changes you’ve made? Are there any examples you can share of how your business pivoted effectively? What developments are you seeing with regards to product pricing?
The price increase is unstoppable relates to global economy. It really relates to material cost increase. However, we changed our boots factory and boots quality has dramatically increased. This could catch up commensurable quality with the increased price.

Is e-commerce sales still strong since most brands have been put a lot of effort in physical retail?
Yes, e-commerce sales still strong in Japan and getting stronger.

After last winter and the lack of snow in Europe, what’s your overall sales and production/inventory strategy for 24/25?
Sales will be stay close to this year. Production will be also same as this year. Inventory will be also similar as this year.



Will you be using any previously unseen materials (in outer shell, reinforcement, cushioning, support or grip) or construction methods? Any liner story or program you plan to highlight for 24/25?
All carry over from 23/24 season.

What lacing systems are your main focus in 24/25 and why? Where does BOA fit in your overall strategy and focus?
Our main lacing system is Boa in 24/25 because the market trend is still Boa boots and will continue in 24/25.

Please tell us about the dominant visual themes or patterns you plan to use in next year’s boot line (materials as well as colours)? Any interesting artist collabs or partnerships you have lined up? Which other footwear sectors or fashion trends do you follow that influence the line?
There is no update from 23/24.



Which part of your range are you investing in the most? Freestyle, freeride, all mountain, beginner…? Why?
We do not focus on one category but focusing on each category. We provide the boots for each category’s need same as like our bindings.

What developments are you seeing with regards to product pricing?
We are focusing on all range of the market. The price will increase due to high material and shipping cost.

What are your top product marketing stories for next season?FLUX have been providing the very best snowboard bindings for Japanese feet since 1992, boots joined couple years ago. We changed our logo in 23/24 season and 24/25 season is the key year to settle in new logo in the market. FLUX will return to the origin of manufacturing and propose and pursue the fun of snowboarding.



Key Products

OM-BOA: Best boots for high speed riding and make a line what you want.

TX-BOA: Universal model that fits all situation from backcountry to street scene.

HB-BOA: You can easily get repulsion of the ollie and stability and move to next level.


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