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K2 Snowboard Boots 2024/25 Preview

Retail Buyers Guide:  Snowboard Boots 2024/25 Retail Buyers Guide
Brand:  K2
Interviewee: Nico Steidle, Snowboard Marketing Coordinator K2

How would you describe the current state of the snowboard market? What big developments, changes, challenges, and/or opportunities are you seeing and how is your brand navigating them?

  1. Sustainability: Environmental concerns were becoming more prominent in the snowboard industry. We were working on using sustainable materials and production processes to reduce our ecological footprint. Large parts of our new bindings are forged out of Castor beans, we using Bio Resin on our boards and we run our factories exclusively on renewable energy sources.
  2. Technology: Snowboard technology continues to advance, with innovations in board construction, bindings, and boots. Brands were incorporating lighter and more durable materials, as well as improving performance features. And K2 was not sleeping on this. Our board engeneer Justin Clark created some award winning boards in the last years like the Passport, Antidote and Alchemist; our boots are for sure one of the best boots money can buy and finally we also have created bindings that can compete with the best on the market.
  3. E-commerce: Online sales and digital marketing play a significant role these days, but our bread and butter is and will be the retailer. Snowboards, boots and bindings are analog, haptic products so there will always be customers, that would wanna lay hands on a product before they buy it.
  4. Challenges: The snowboard industry faced challenges such as unpredictable weather patterns affecting snow conditions, competition from other winter sports, and economic factors impacting consumer spending. We never experienced this as fierce as last year. But we are ready to take this challenge and we are well equipped for all hurdles.
  5. Opportunities: There are emerging markets like China that is just starting to develop a snowboard culture. While the male market in Europe is a predatory market, the market on the female side is largely unexplored and has a lot of growing potential. At K2 we have products for all levels and genders, we just need to tell the right people about it.

Is e-commerce sales still strong since most brands have been put a lot of effort in physical retail?
In the snowboard industry, e-commerce sales have been growing alongside physical retail efforts. We at K2 have expanded our online presence, offering convenience to customers while still maintaining physical stores to provide hands-on experiences. The balance between the two channels varies, with each offering unique advantages in reaching and engaging snowboarding enthusiasts. I am pretty positive that retail and e-commerce can co-exist, it can be mutual beneficial !




Will you be using any previously unseen materials (in outer shell, reinforcement, cushioning, support or grip) or construction methods? Any liner story or program you plan to highlight for 24/25?
We are using sugarcane EVA within our Line to start to implement more Eco friendly materials. The Orton, one of our strongest boots in the line, experienced a total makeover. The RUBBER LOWER CONSTRUCTION is a single formed piece of rubber that eliminates all stitching from the lower portion of the boot. This provides increased durability and extended life to the boot. A LACE COVER with a SNOW GAITER CLIP adds protection from snow and water. The LACE COVER extends ¾ of the boot with a zippered closure. The LACE COVER material is a 4-way stretch mesh lined with 4-way stretch fleece. Whats interesting is well that we added Wide boots to our range, on the males and female sides. Boots that will be available as wide models is the Maysis and the Hanford on the mens side, the Trance on the women´s side.

Where does BOA fit in your overall strategy and focus?
We were the first Snowboard brand to team up with BOA, so we have always believed in their system and still do it. We will have a hybrid system on our Splitboard boots, the Waive and the Aspect; further on the Evasion and the Overdraft. The rest of the Line either features our Zonal Boa system or the Conda System. Both systems have their advantages. And both do an excellent job. Its more a question of taste than quality!



Please tell us about the dominant visual themes or patterns you plan to use in next year’s boot line (materials as well as colours)? Any interesting artist collabs or partnerships you have lined up? Which other footwear sectors or fashion trends do you follow that influence the line?
Are colour patterns are oriented at natural colours.

Which part of your range are you investing in the most? Freestyle, freeride, all mountain, beginner…? Why?
We are basically a freeride brand. But as we know that the freestyler of today is the freerider of tomorrow, we also offer excellent products in this sector of snowboarding. Our All-Mountain range just got enhanced as well.

What developments are you seeing with regards to product pricing?
We have products on all price points and we will try to keep the prices stable.



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