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Brand:  Himaya
Interviewee: Founder

Please tell us about your innovations for 2024?
This year Himaya will be releasing some new packaging that will make it even more eco friendly. The main goal is to further reduce the companies and products impact on the environment. Himaya continues to develop new sunscreens for special skin conditions and special uses.

What are the main ingredients you are using and how do you address sustainability/eco friendliness in your products?
Himaya has always prioritized high SPF protection with mineral filters since 2002. Himaya carefully considers not only what to include in its creams, but also what to exclude. We do not use nano ingredients, palm oils, nut oils, parfums, beeswax, lanolin, and other similar substances. These are commonly found in many natural lotions as they are easier and cheaper to formulate with. However, most of these ingredients can have negative effects on the environment, cause skin reactions, or are not sustainable. This is why Himaya is truly eco-friendly. Many brands claim to be reef-friendly, but they only avoid a few chemicals that have been banned for importation in certain countries. However, they still use many other ingredients that are harmful to the ocean, reefs, and freshwater ecosystems. Some even use well-known filters that are detrimental to the skin. This is also why Himaya is continually developing formulas and packaging as new research emerges. This process is expensive and time-consuming, but the founder believes in the philosophy, which was the reason for starting the brand 22 years ago. Another example of what Himaya does not use is tubes. Approximately 98% of all tubes worldwide end up in landfills or are incinerated. This is the reality of the waste industry. Contaminated tubes are too expensive to recycle, even if they are made of so-called bioplastic, which is derived from ethanol produced by the biofuel industry using maize. However, this is not truly sustainable in the long term or when scaled up. That is why Himaya is also exploring alternative raw materials for packaging to further reduce its environmental impact. Although all Himaya packaging has been refillable for the past 10 years, and two bottles are removed from the ocean for every bottle used. The two plastic bottles are then converted back into diesel and used in the collection process. Himaya will introduce a Nature SPF 50 stick. However, after a lengthy development phase, this product is not nano and will not leave a white residue. As far as we know, this is the first of its kind in the market. Himaya is opposed to the trend of sticks that leave a white color and are promoted for facial coloring. The highest percentage of skin cancers related to water sports are found on the ears, back of the neck, hands, and tip of the nose. There are very few cases of cancer found under the eyes and in the upper half of the nose. That is why we do not produce such sticks or promote them in a way that does not contribute to the reduction of skin cancer while participating in action sports. Himaya has always strived to provide the best possible protection against the long-term effects of UV rays, while also being environmentally friendly. This is our goal – protecting you and the environment. we calculate all our co2 and then double it and offset with mangrove trees in Kenya, which also has social and kids educational benefits in the project.


Please tell us about your marketing campaign for 2024?
Himaya is currently exploring traditional local marketing strategies after witnessing a significant rise in digital marketing presence over the past decade. Despite previously offsetting the digital footprint, the focus is now on driving sales to local stores and developing marketing campaigns to boost local demand, thereby decreasing the reliance on digital marketing. The global digital footprint, of social media, cloud data and photo storage, is substantial now and the same size as air travel. While Himaya continues to offset this impact, the current emphasis is on engaging in local initiatives to minimize the overall footprint per unit sold.

How is your product relevant for the boardsports industry? Do you specifically target action sports clients?
Himaya was established 22 years ago to cater to the water sports and mountain sports market. Since its inception, the brand has been dedicated to safeguarding the skin of outdoor athletes from the harmful effects of UV rays, all while maintaining a commitment to environmental preservation. Himaya continues to fulfill its original mission and takes pride in being a pioneer in this industry.

What other benefits, apart from sun protection, does your product offer?
We aim for individuals to discover through Himaya that they can choose environmentally-friendly products and brands without compromising on performance. Our hope is that this will encourage them to seek out other companies with similar products and philosophies.


Why should retailers stock your brand & your latest collection?
By acquainting customers with Himaya, they are not only expressing their concern for providing the finest product, but also for the environment in which the product will be utilized.

What POS are you helping retailers out with?
Himaya has typical range of POS that can be placed by the cash register or be self stand island, Mainly produced from off cuts collect for local carpenters.

Key Products:

Himaya SPF50+:
Stands out in the market segment due to its unique formulation, that is a true cream so including a water phase. Unlike oil-based sunscreens that can be difficult to rub in and leave a white cast, Himaya SPF50+ offers a good rub-in and a dry lite feeling upon application. The ease of application and non-greasy finish of Himaya SPF50+ ensures that the correct amount is applied for effective sun protection, unlike many other SPF50s which have to be spread way to thin to achieve the correct amount for the spf stated. Therefore reducing the protection stated on the package.


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