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Brand:  TIZA
Interviewee: Founder

What´s new for TIZA in 2024?
This year TIZA is putting its focus on children and young people through supporting education, respect for the environment and healthy habit. Our new cream stick, with high sun protection, comes in white, blue and violet, colours that make it more attractive to use, especially by the youngest of the family. Our creams are suitable for sensitive skin, as well as paediatric use from 3 months of age (although dermatologists do not recommend sun exposure for babies under 6 months of age).

What are the main ingredients you are using and how do you address sustainability and eco-friendliness in your products?
TIZA uses 100% natural ingredients, manufactured in the demanding laboratories of Natural Cosmetics and certified in BIO and NAT by ACENE. It uses the safest and most effective physical filters on the market today, using natural mineral pigments, without nanoparticles, that act as a protective physical barrier between the sun and your skin, reflecting 98% of the sun´s harmful UVA and UVB rays. It is Paraben-free, fragance-free, alcohol-free and petroleum-free. One of the fundamental pillars of TIZA is ecology, so that its passage through the planet leaves as small a footprint as possible. We don´t use substances that are harmful to the oceans or have any negative impact, even in minuscule concentrations. Research suggests that the best way to protect yourself from the sun, without harming marine life, is to use a dense, chemical-free cream that it is resistant to water, preventing it from dissolving the cream in the sea. Tiza complies with all these recommendations. Our packaging is 100% paper and 0% plastic. We use innovative kraft carton packaging and believe in supporting local commerce wherever possible.1694968952114

Please tell us about your marketing campaign for 2024?
Our 2024 campaign will focus on environmental education, the acquisition of the healthy habits and the use of sunscreen, with special emphasis on children and teenagers. Children are the age group most vulnerable to sunburn. Experts say childhood burns increase the risk of melanoma in adulthood. In terms of environmental education, we want to raise awareness of the responsible use of plastic and the huge importance of keeping our beaches clean. At TIZA we go beyond selling sunscreens, we firmly believe in a way of living that is sustainable, more responsible, and respectful of our planet.

How is your product relevant for the boardsports industry? Do you specifically target action sports clients?
TIZA has been designed with the needs of boardsports in mind. The main ingredient is beeswax. This makes TIZA last for long sessions in water or snow, creating a waterproof layer that doesn´t either penetrate the skin or dissolve in water or sweat. TIZA creates a soft protective layer against solar radiation, salt, wind and cold, factors that are harmful to athletes. However, our ingredients let your skin perspire, and are easy to remove with soap and water. Boardsports bring you closer to nature. A market that cares about environmental impact and end users who are looking for these types of environmentally-friendly products, are beginning to emerge, and this is where TIZA comes in.1694968490029

What other benefits, apart from sun protection, does your product offer?
Among its active ingredients are Karité Natural butter and olive oil, which provide your skin with protection, softness, antioxidants, conditioning, nutrition, hydration and repair damage and irritation. These added values are really beneficial when you are in an environment as challenging as the sea, where the reflection of the sun on the water, wind and cold can be harmful to the skin.

Why should retailers stock your brand & your latest collection?
TIZA is a start-up, with values as well as cutting edge techniques, as a consequence, we see ourselves creating responsible products that really change the rules of the game. TIZA was founded in 2022 on the Cádiz coast, between Cádiz, Conil and El Palmar and, with its links to the sea, sun and surfing, its respect for nature, and awareness of the currant environmental challenges is committed to providing modern and natural cosmetics. Our creams are high quality, environmentally friendly, healthy and functional. Our latest collection comes in vibrant blue and violet colours as well as the more traditional white and beige.

What Point Of Sale are you helping retailers out with?
Currently TIZA has distributor points of sale throughout Spain. We also want to highlight our support for sport, which is why we collaborate with a range of sporting events, such as the ´Open Surf Yerbabuena´ championship, and the Andalusian Sailing Federation at its different events.1694968804380

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