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Brand:  Ride Engine
Interviewee: Gary Siskar (Marketing Director / Product Line Manager)

How was the 2023 Market for impact vests?
For Ride Engine we have seen steady demand in both our wind-based impact protection and in our wake offering.

Which market segments are you noticing the most growth in and why?
We are seeing in wind significant increases which are pointing at the continued growth of wing foiling and big air kiteboarding being the primary drivers. Additionally we are revitalizing our wake impact protection product range, noting a keen interest among wake dealers for innovative and fresh brands as alternatives to established heritage brands.

What are the main trends in the market for impact vests in 2024 and how are you addressing them?
Trends vary across market segments and depend on perspective. In our reentry into the wake market, we’re focusing on team-inspired graphics and fits, which resonate with our vision and what we aim to offer consumers. We’re not simply following existing trends; rather, we believe in bringing something new to the table, leveraging our exceptional team with extensive connections to influential figures within the wake community. In the wind segment, the trend is largely fueled by wing foiling and downwind SUP foiling, resulting in a preference for high-visibility colors and strategically placed impact protection that enhances mobility while providing some flotation. Big air kiteboarding remains a dominant force, inspiring kiteboarders worldwide. As sponsored riders continuously push boundaries, impact protection has become essential, influencing even aspirational participants in these sports. Consequently, there’s a notable surge in demand for vests.

Tells us about your new vests styles & designs?
We’re thrilled to unveil our extensive line up of wake impact vests. Entrusting Wesley Mark Jacobsen of the Space Mob crew and Sina Fuchs of the Copy Cats Club, we’ve collaborated to infuse this line with performance-enhancing fits and wrapped each piece with epic original art! In the wind segment, we take pride in our pioneering role as the first to introduce a hydrofoiling-specific vest for both men and women with the Defender HF a few seasons ago. This vest continues to excel and serves as the standard that others strive to match. The Empax has consistently remained a staple in our lineup, emerging as the preferred choice for big air kiteboarders worldwide.

What trends are you seeing in terms of fit, feel and protection?
All three are intertwined to where achieving a performance enhancing fit depends on the materials used and the strategic placement and construction of the protection. We really just follow the path of our team to guide us on the fits that allow them to ride their best. The corner stone for feel is rooted in the material use. Once again we don’t follow trends we simply use the best materials that are available.

What (new) technology or materials are using in your crash jackets to give you a unique selling point?
We never compromise on design or materials. Our commitment lies in utilizing the finest sustainable 4-way stretch neoprene and heavy-duty marine-grade zippers, all rigorously tested and influenced by our exceptional team of elite riders.

How are you helping shops and Parks to sell your product?
We collaborate closely with all our retail, cable, and lesson center partners to foster both inspired sell-through rates and sustainable profitability for their businesses. Our approach is comprehensive, beginning with effective sell-in strategies and encompassing booking programs, in-store support, clinics, event assistance, and tailored marketing support tailored to the specific needs of each shop, cable, or center.

Key Products:

Space Alien SMOB Vest:
Introducing the Space Alien Vest, featuring a slightly extended torso for optimal coverage, secured with a robust zip closure, and reinforced by a double webbing buckle wrap, ensuring it stays in place throughout your entire session, whether you’re spinning circles or hitting downtown sets. Crafted with premium 4-way stretch limestone-based neoprene and original WMJ art.

2025RE_Space Alien SMOB vest front

Space Alien SMOB vest

Slim SMOB:
Drawing inspiration from the entire Space Mob crew led to the creation of the Slim Vest. Engineered to provide freedom during riding while ensuring confidence in impact protection. The Slim boasts a lengthy hem design to prevent creeping, lightweight impact resistance, along with broad arm pockets and an articulated pattern that facilitates a complete range of motion.

2025RE_Slim SMOB front


CC Club Vest:
It’s undeniable that Sina Fuchs possesses a keen sense of style that pioneers trends. Engineered with articulation paneling and a distinctive impact protection layout, it fosters a silhouette akin to a shadow. Deep scallop arm pockets enhance freedom of movement. Fully reversible, it transforms into two vests in one, presenting either a solid color option or showcasing Sina’s exclusive print.

2025RE_CC Club Vest front

RE_CC Club Vest


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