O’Neill Impact Vests 2024 Preview

Retail Buyers Guide:  Impact Vests 2024 Retail Buyer’s Guide
Brand:  O'Neil
Interviewee: Marketing O'Neill

How was the 2023 Market for impact vests?
2023 presented various challenges with high levels of inventory saturating the market. As we transition into 2024, we anticipate a return to a more ‘normal’ landscape.”

Which market segments are you noticing the most growth in and why?
While we still see a healthy cable and boat market, foiling is the segment where we are noticing the most growth.

What are the main trends in the market for impact vests in 2024 and how are you addressing them?
The perfect combination of fit and protection whilst using the lightest materials available. When it comes to protection low profiles and 360-degree protection are in high demand.

Tells us about your new vests styles & designs?
The Nomad Comp Vest is our latest men’s model featuring our unique Nytrolite Foam. On the women’s side we have exciting new colorways and prints in the Bahia and Slasher Comp Vest lineup. Those prints perfectly match with our Bahia Wetsuits line.

What trends are you seeing in terms of fit, feel and protection?
We find there are many different preferences through boat, park, surf and skate and it’s just a case of offering everything to everyone.

What (new) technology or materials are using in your crash jackets to give you a unique selling point?
We use our unique Nytrolite Foam that is lighter and provides more protection for its size compared to regular foams. There is no point in taking extra weight on the water with you!

How are you helping shops and Parks to sell your product?
We support our partners with on-site demo events which have established themselves as good sell through drivers. We invest into park and shop branding with the aim to contribute to a better instore experience.

Key Products:

Nomad Comp Vest:
Discover your own path with the all new Nomad Vest. Featuring O’Neill exclusive recycled Technobutter 3 material, PVC free Nytrolite foam and a new rider-developed – rider proven fit make the Nomad a team favorite. Lightweight, durable and sustainably built for superior performance.

ONEILL_Nomad Comp Vest

ONEILL_Nomad Comp Vest

Slasher Comp Vest:
Rip through the wake and rail lines with precision in the Slasher Comp Vest. Built with lightweight UltraFlex DS neoprene and PVC-free NytroLite foam weighing 3x less with 15% less water absorption and 10% more buoyancy than PVC foam. A minimal bulk design provides coverage where you need it while shredding fluff away with an anatomically engineered fit and a segmented foam core that conforms and moves with the bod.

Slasher Comp Vest

Slasher Comp Vest

WMS Bahia Comp Vest:
The O’Neill Competition Vest lineup defies convention and sets a new industry standard for performance driven technology. The lightest vests in the water just got lighter, stronger and dry faster than ever.



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