LIQUID FORCE Impact Vests 2024 Preview

Retail Buyers Guide:  Impact Vests 2024 Retail Buyer’s Guide
Brand:  Liquid Force

How was the 2023 Market for impact vests?
In general we had a great year with vests with both CGA and Comp vests both doing well. The vest market doesn’t seem to be slowing, even after a surge in the covid years vest sales are still strong.

Which market segments are you noticing the most growth in and why?
“Cable and boat scenes? Solid. But hold onto your hats, because foiling is the name of the game for 2024. We’re talking boat, hand wings, ocean surf – you name it. And guess what? Our vests aren’t just for riding at the cable. They’re the go-to for foiling fiends craving protection, flexibility, and that unmistakable Liquid Force style.”



Tells us about your new vests styles & designs?
“2024 is all about fine-tuning the classics. We’ve given our Squad, Flex, Ghost, and Spector vests a facelift with fresh patterns and tweaks. Sleeker, snugger fits? Check. Comfort for riders of all shapes and sizes? You betcha. Because when it comes to vests, we believe everyone deserves to ride in style.”

What trends are you seeing in terms of fit, feel and protection?
“Fit is in, and we’re leading the charge with sleek, close-fitting vests. You will see more of this from LF in the next couple of seasons. The Liquid Force Ghost set the bar high, but we didn’t stop there. With the Squad, we’ve amped up the impact foam. And for those who refuse to be boxed in by size? Enter the Flex vest – designed to fit every body like a glove.”



What (new) technology or materials are using in your crash jackets to give you a unique selling point?
Looking to the future we are planning more on the sustainability front. More eco conscious PE foams with no glue and heat welded together. Watch this space!

How are you helping shops and Parks to sell your product?
For 2024 we focus more on dealer initiatives and target our marketing. While D2C is playing a bigger part than previous years, we still acknowledge our amazingly supportive dealer network. In 2024 you will see more dealer only products and a focus to our marketing to get people to shop local.



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