Lightning Bolt S/S 2022 Mens Surf Apparel Preview

Lightning Bolt S/S 2022 Men’s Surf Apparel Preview

Retail Buyers Guide:  Men’s Surf Apparel S/S 2022 Retail Buyer’s Guide
Brand:  Lightning Bolt
Interviewee: Briana Mori, Brand Manager

In the aftermath of the pandemic, what are the early results of SS21?
In fact, we feel that the retailer remains uncertain about the future. This means that, in the pre-season, sales were more contained. However, we noticed a more confident attitude in-season. It balanced sales, had a positive compensation on SS21 results. This is another sign that the pandemic has forced changes in the way of doing business. We have to adjust the business to the needs of the moment.

What is the business mantra for SS22: keep calm and carryover, or, flat-out innovation?
From our perspective, both. Lightning Bolt’s identity has always been connected to this way of being that is at the same time calm, patient and energetic. We try to bring it and apply it in our daily activity. However, there is no doubt: we have to change and innovate in order to adapt to the present and what it demands. There are some big news coming for the next seasons.

What are your collection stories for SS22?
This collection is all about feeling good and sharing this vibe. To change is normal. So we have to take a positive stance towards a better future and focus on what matters: nature, beach, friendships… We must bring light and energy to all life circumstances. Our attitude creates the places and the moments.
Lightning Bolt is known for connecting people. Making them feel part of a movement and tribe. More than ever, in this collection, we have the concern to send a positive message to all.
In this new world, there is always a way to adapt to and find our path while keeping faithful to who we are. That is the nature of surfing and the metaphor of life: you must move with it!

This said, we have 3 big lines under the men’s collection:
Light the city – getting a brighter city and bringing to it good vibes. Living the city with the surf soul.
Blending beach – for a free soul there are no barriers, so we can bring the beach vibes to the city and vice-versa.
Explore nature – getting together in safety. It is time to explore new places and find new spots to be.

Nature, heritage self-reference, street vibe… What prints & colors will drive the summer 22 collection?
The color palette for men’s collection has 10 main colors: White, Heather Grey, Fog, Veiled Rose, Coral, Shamrock, Nugget Gold, True Blue, Dress Blue, Phantom.
To our classic colors, we added pastel colors like veiled rose and fog. Bright colors, good vibes and comfort are the biggest influences and trends.You can definitely expect to see nature-inspired prints, as well as minimalistic artworks and funny prints with quotes that reflect the new normality we live in. There is also a new approach to visual effects and coordinate sets to take the most out of summer.

Which fabrics and (durable) materials are you relying on for SS22?
Currently, we are relying on a variety of materials to produce the best quality and durability of our products. Most importantly, we are choosing our materials taking into consideration the environmental impact that they may have.
For instance, in SS22 collection, shirts are made of natural fibers, such as 100% cotton and linen. By changing the composition of the shirts, the printing technique also becomes more sustainable.
In regards to the boardshorts, we are releasing new models with elastane (spandex). This fabric composition (PES + EA) ensures maximum comfort, dries faster and is lighter (105 grs) than any other Lightning Bolt ever used.

Beyond the sustainability efforts in the production chain, are you implementing special projects regarding environment and trade ethos?
Definitely. We can’t reveal a lot just now, but there are big news coming that will make a statement on the surfboards production and Lightning Bolt’s history.

Key Products

Boardshorts with elastane – This season we introduced the boardshorts made of 90% PES, 10% EA. A good example is the Leaf Canvas Boardshort or the Tropical Boardshort, which has a Turtle model with elasticated waist. Its composition ensures maximum comfort, dries faster, and is lighter (105 grs). Besides this, they have matching shirts: a winning bet for cross selling and point of sale marketing/visual merchandising.

Lightning Bolt SS22 Mens Surf Apparel Preview

Lightning Bolt SS22 Tropical Boardshort

Tropical Shirt – The Hawaiian-model shirt is a classic on Lightning Bolt’s collection and surf apparel. A must-have. This one is even more essential, as it embodies the classic tropical-inspired prints with modern elements and trends, such as the tie-dye effect. It is made of natural fibers (100% cotton) and finished with the best materials, for instance an embroidered Bolt on the front pocket.

Pocket Board Tee – Made of 100% cotton and available in veiled rose, this t-shirt has a surfboard printed inside the chest pocket. It sums up all the collection concepts: the simplicity, the calm and positive vibes associated to the color, as well as all the heritage of the brand. There is also a hoodie available with a similar print.

Lightning Bolt S/S 2022 Mens Surf Apparel Preview

Lightning Bolt S/S 2022 Pocket Board Tee

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