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Airboard SUP 2024 Preview

Retail Buyers Guide:  2024 SUP Retail Buyer’s Guide
Brand:  Airboard
Interviewee: Thomas Schillig, Product Manager

Carry overs were the go-to choice in 2023 to help clear the retailers & distributors existing inventories. Did the strategy pay out?
Yes we cleared much of our inventory, but limiting new production.  Preorders sales have dropped significantly so it is up to us to predict demand and inventory supply.

When do you think supply and demand will balance out and why?
Hopefully 2025 or latest 2026 as actually some retailers are still over-stocked. We assume that discounters will not proceed with paddleboards if the volumes are small and the market will increase for well established brands that are able to sustain the next two years.  Demand may pick up with new innovations.

What is your product strategy for next season? Bold and fresh or a more cautious approach?
We are working on new products, as well as attractive offers to compete with the market. Introduce new innovative product(s), focus on events (brand recognition), service oriented

Which inflatable models are you pushing in 2024? Anything new in the technology/material front to report?
We will focus on our ultralight models as well as promoting our brand new paddle product in our partners rental stations.

How are you supporting retailers through this difficult period?
We offer highly competitive conditions to our most important partners that promote our products in their SUP rental stations. Consignment and drop shipping, most retailers disappearing.

Key Products:

Ultralight SUP Airboard STRIDER:
Light and versatile.  The light weight and small pack size enables easy transport for all ages, easy to carry on public transport, airplanes, or hiking adventures, from city trips to extreme explorations.  Open your horizons and paddle where you didn’t think possible.

STRIDER Product Shot

STRIDER Product Shot

Airboard SKYLINE:
The SUP with an integrated digital Paddle-Guide. Find entry spots, rental stations, beach bars. Also protected zones and important information about paddling in harmony with nature are available.

SKYLINE Product Shot

SKYLINE Product Shot

Airboard TEAM:
Paddling for everyone.  Bring the whole family, all your friends, and the dog.  Make your own island adventure.  The XL SUP TEAM is a unique way to enjoy paddling together.  Packs into a regular sized wheel bag for easy transport and storage.

TEAM Product Shot

TEAM Product Shot

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120 Red Paddle SUP
120 Mistral SUP

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