Spinera SUP 2024 Preview

Retail Buyers Guide:  2024 SUP Retail Buyer’s Guide
Brand:  Spinera
Interviewee: Marketing

Carry overs were the go-to choice in 2023 to help clear the retailers & distributors existing inventories. Did the strategy pay out?
We haven’t changed the collection from 2022 to 2023 much and that definitely help retailers to stock some of our boards and gave them the confidence to continue with the program. Nevertheless, stock quantities are still high on some key items but our pre-book for 2024 was good and we can see a slight turn around in the market.

When do you think supply and demand will balance out and why?
The good thing about Covid and the boom of outdoor sports was that we have a large number of participants that are enjoying the Sport. A inflatable SUP board has a limited lifetime. As time goes by people looking to renew their boards or take advantage of the low pricing and get a second family board. That will help to clear the still existing overstock on the market. I reckon after 2024 brands can start over again with fresh inventory. Pricing is still a very sensitive topic on the market. Manufactures and retailers need to get the price point up again to make it all worth for everybody.

What is your product strategy for next season? Bold and fresh or a more cautious approach?
We will keep it simple and see how the market is developing during spring and summer. The bold and fresh approach will be anticipated for 2025. However, we will do some injections during 2024.

Which inflatable models are you pushing in 2024? Anything new in the technology/material front to report?
Like mentioned, our range stays unchanged from 2023. Our factory standards are pretty high and we use the best materials we can get our hands on.

How are you supporting retailers through this difficult period?During the pre-book we offered retailers some really nice incentives to have a good margin for 2024. That’s why our pre-books were quite well.  Moreover we are present at almost every Tradeshow in Europe to give the brans a wide exposure. Besides that we are doing the common thing like in store POS to support sales for example. We still have stock on our hands so we tell retailers to order wisely as we can supply them throughout the season but for those who wanted to have a good margin they needed to pre-book.

Key Products:

Sun Light SUP:
Very good allround Sup that weighs up to nothing. We are using ultra light dropstich material.



Light Range:
A range of 4 boards that are stable and perform in a sporty way alike. They are made out of the same Ultra Light Dropstich material.



Classic Sup:
Our classic price point board to compete with the challenging price structure on the market.



Brand Previews


120 Red Paddle SUP
120 Mistral SUP
120 Indiana SUP

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