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Brand:  Nitro
Interviewee: Marketing Nitro

2024/25 Nitro Snowboard Bindings
Nitro Bindings has been focusing on the ULTIMATE INTERFACE for over 30 years, designing snowboards, boots, and bindings under one roof. Nitro has engineered an interface to seamlessly transfer a rider‘s input to the board‘s edge. The shape of our highbacks is designed to match the contour of our boots perfectly, while the ankle and toe straps provide support and outline the boot‘s flex. The bindings task is to deliver maximum control and instant response, absorbing impacts and eliminating vibrations, such as heel chatter, for a smooth and comfortable ride. To pack this up, we introduced our key features like a 3-piece baseplate design for maximum adjustability (#always centered), airbags, and reinforced cable straps. We continue to work with Climate Partners to assess and reduce our carbon footprint. We proactively identify areas for improvement, take localized action, and offset 100% of the climate emissions generated throughout the lifecycle of our bindings.



New for 24/25:

IVY Binding receives an additional size and a new single-component ankle strap design:
We have expanded the IVY model to include boot sizes from 21.0 to 24.5 MP and introduced the new 3D OPTIFRAME FLEX ankle strap. These additions cater to the growing demand for advanced bindings among young women and offer the ultimate riding experience for the progressive female rider.

TEAM Pro unisex model:
Driven by the interest of female riders in our Team Pro binding, we added sizes and color options to our most progressive binding in the line and turned it into a unisex offering. For 24/25, check out the Team Pro LILAC in three sizes: S/M (23.0 – 28.0 MP), M (25.0 – 28.5 MP), and L (29.0 – 32.0 MP)

Nitro introduced their new high-end models, 23/24, called Phantom and Phantom+, to provide a comfortable ride in all conditions with superior dampening. Under the name AIR +, Nitro presents the evolution of Air Dampening Technology. Our airbags are designed to be the lightest and most effective way to absorb hard impacts from flat landings or big drops. In addition, our newly engineered elastic polymer base padding can absorb all high-frequency chatter and return energy when loading up for more snap during lift-off and ollie power. This freshly designed base frame will provide you with the most comfortable ride.



INTRODUCING new single-component ankle and toe straps:
Our single molded straps on the TEAM and PHANTOM models have succeeded greatly. Consequently, we have increased their availability throughout the line. The latest Ivy model now features the 3D OPTIFRAME Flex, while the 3D OPTIFRAME boasts our latest ONE and RAMBLER models. Each strap is designed for a specific riding style to ensure optimal power transmission. The minimalistic design has enabled us to reduce the weight of our bindings and the amount of material we use without compromising performance. We have applied the same principle in our latest toe strap, the ÜBERGRIP. This innovative strap design provides maximum power transmission while boasting a clean and modern look. Whether you prefer to wear them over the boot or as a cap strap, our ÜBERGRIP toe strap is guaranteed to fit every boot perfectly. The strap is available on ONE, RAMBLER, and COSMIC.

The new mini disc sets a new standard for disk functionality. It has a smaller footprint and causes less impact on the board’s natural flex. Additionally, the snap feature and channel-compatible mounting holes make it possible to attach your Nitro binding to a broader range of boards.

The bindings are designed to be the most sustainable option in our line, focusing on durability while minimizing its carbon footprint by reducing the number of prints and coating and maximizing the amount of recycled raw materials. It is offered in an outstanding color scheme for the PHANTOM, TEAM, ONE, RAMBLER, and COSMIC.


We are excited to announce our collaboration with Volcom on our Phantom binding. Combining Volcom’s distinctive graphic style with Nitro binding technology, we have created a top-notch product that stands out on every binding shelf and board. “This collaboration is for everyone who loves snowboarding and lives for every day they are spent strapped in” – Seth Hout (team manager Volcom)

NITRO x ALEXIS Hernandez – Roland
Nitro has always strongly emphasised working closely with their team, drawing inspiration from their members. This year, we have collaborated with a family member named Alexis, who is known for their creative style both on and off the board. The graphic design shows the heritage of Alexis to remind her to be grateful for who and where she is. The collab is available on our IVY binding.



2024/25 SPECIAL colorways:


RAVEN – on ONE and IVY created by Jesse Williams

SnowTree – on ONE

Factory Craft Series – on PHANTOM, TEAM, ONE, RAMBLER and COSMIC



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