Pyzel 2021 Softboards Preview

Pyzel 2021 Softboards Preview

Retail Buyers Guide:  Softboards 2021 Retail Buyer’s Guide
Brand:  Pyzel
Interviewee: Rémi Chaussemiche, Europe Marketing

2021 saw a massive influx of newbies in surfing due to COVID “free time”. Did they favor softboards over hardboards?
Surfboards was already a big trend before the COVID stroke. With the Covid surfing, as many outdoor activities, have been seeing more and more aficionados. From beginners to occasional surfers who have intensified their practice. Therefore, I would say the entire surfboards market have been boosted for the last 2 years.

Softboards is definitely more present in surf racks but surf racks also seem to be bigger.

When it comes to pure beginners for sure the soft tops are the go-to products and it looks like it is taking over the hardboards.

The fun summer boards seems also to be a product category where Softboards starts to sell well. Especially nowadays where brands like JJF By Pyzel offer products bringing a real performance edge to it.

So yes in that sense it can compete with hardboards. But as the market is growing both are selling very well it is just providing a broader offer to our clients.

No name brands can be found anywhere, whereas boardsports retailers are pushing the core softboards brands. What piece of advice do you suggest so they can persuade customers to buy the “real thing”?
Quality, functionality and performance.

Core Brands contributes to design products. As we like to say at Pyzel “Surfboards built by surfers”. That ensures a certain level of performance when using it. All the models that go on the market are previously tested and approved.

Pyzel 2021 Softboards

Also, core brands need to provide quality products. When you look at all the surf brands, products are tested in proper waves that show that the material used can resist a normal utilization.

Which designs are trending in 2021? Nano shortboards, mini-mals and funboards, high-perf replicas…
Fun summer boards like fishes and grovellers are definitely the trend. At JJF by Pyzel we have the Astro Fish with a classic retro fish outline with a modern twist into it and the Gremlin which is the proven groveller from Pyzel, a small wave version of the famous ghost.  Those 2 boards are very user friendly but can also be ridden aggressively by more experienced surfers.

Malibus, have always been a big seller for softboards and remain. An important ^product category.

Do you have a specific offer for schools/rentals?
At JJF BY Pyzel, our position is to provide high-end soft tops, therefore Schools and rentals are not a big focus for us at the moment.

We want to provide Funformance boards, user friendly which can be ridden aggressively.

Anything new to mention in the construction area?
Our construction is pretty different from the traditional soft boards.

All the boards are made of Eco fiberglass / epoxy construction and wrapped in soft durable grippy EVA. Rails are hand finished and all boards feature central wood stringer and future fin boxes

Pyzel 2021 Softboards

The softboard swag lies (a lot) in its bold graphics: what are your favorite artworks/colorways in your 2021 range?
We have an attractive colour pallet: Red, Light Blue, Orange, Army, Black, White.

All the colourways are very cool but my personal favourite is the plain black, it gives a real performance look to it and it contrasts well with the logo.

Sustainability is even more an issue (than with hardboards): do you propose alternative materials and/or recycling programs?
JJF By Pyzel is very concerned by the environment and sustainability, all boards are made of EPS recycled core and Eco EPS fiberglss, the soft top is madeof grippy durable EVA material.

Key Products:
Astro Fish 6’0
Gremlin 5’6
Log 8’0

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