Triple 8 2022/23 Snow Protection

Triple 8 2022/23 Snow Protection

Retail Buyers Guide:  Snow Protection 2022/23 Retail Buyer’s Guide
Brand:  Triple 8
Interviewee: Noah Todaro

What are the main trends in protection for snowboarding in FW21/22 and how do you address them with your products?
Luckily for us, helmet use is widely accepted in snow sports. However, people still tend to want their protective gear to blend in and make it seem like it’s a part of their entire kit. So, for us, popular helmet colors are always black, white, grey – really anything neutral that will help maintain the clean and simple look riders are going for. We do make a few pop colors for those who choose to stand out.  As far as pads go, we make wrist guards and knee pads that fit comfortably under gloves or snow pants, for some low-key added protection. 

Which snowboarding protection products sold best during FW20/21?
Our newly designed Snow Halo Standard helmet has shown to be a great fit for any product line. It features our most comfortable fit, plush liner and is audio-enabled for those riders who like some tunes while they ride. 

Where do you expect the biggest growth in snowboarding protection during FW21/22?
Women and children, for sure. Kids these days have the opportunity for more exposure than ever with Instagram, YouTube, etc. and can really build a personal brand for themselves. There are plenty of young riders that other kids look up to, just because they watch them on the internet. From there, the interest begins to develop. Same thing with women – top female riders are getting a lot more exposure than they traditionally have, which is encouraging the younger generations to get involved. These two segments are also more prone to wearing protective gear, which is obviously a win for us. 

Do you have any innovations in terms of design or materials for FW21/22? 
Our new Halo Liner is featured in all our Snow helmets – it’s softer and just an all-around nicer material. Also, we redesigned our goggle clip – it is now attached to the helmet and no longer a clip-on like it used to be. So no worries about losing the piece! 

Are your products targeted to specific customers / rider types?
Not particularly – our snow helmets are modelled after skate-style half-shell helmets, so they can look good on anybody. Whether you are just starting on the bunny slope or ripping through the terrain park, our helmets and pads should certainly look and feel good, all while offering the same level of protection as the rest of the field. 

What is the general consumer’s attitude towards wearing snow protection? Has this changed in recent years? 
In the snow market, helmets are widely accepted. More so than skate, for sure. Consumers are becoming more aware of safety features and certifications – and doing all the relevant research before making a purchase. Nobody wants to risk concussion, or worse, some sort of serious head trauma. So in general, helmet and protection usage is becoming more and more common. 

Do you have any interesting POS materials for retailers? Are you offering any other kind of retailer support for this category?
We do for select retailers. In particular, a branded helmet tree that can display up to 20 helmets and a gondola display that can stock both helmets and pads nicely for customers to check out in-store. 

Did the early spring lockdown affect the sell-through of the FW20/21 range? If so, how have you addressed this issue?
It’s been tough keeping up with demand! Strangely enough, the lockdown was beneficial for business – people had no option but to get outside and skate/bike/etc. We are making sure now that we stock up as much as possible to meet the new needs of the market. 

Please talk us through your 2-3 keys models for FW21/22.
Audio Snow Helmet with Halo Liner: All new shell, snow-halo liner, and dial adjuster provide our most comfortable fit along with built-in audio and deluxe finishes at a great price.

Triple 8 2022/23 Snow Protection

Triple 8 2022/23 Halo Snow Standard

Halo Snow Standard: Our classic skate-style helmet fully equipped with our new Halo Liner and Audio Earflap Pockets so you can add your favorite audio system.

Undercover Snow Wrist Guards and Knee Pads: Our Undercover Snow Knee Pads deliver top-notch protection, flexibility and comfort, and are slim enough to be worn under any first layer or shell. Our breathable, neoprene Undercover Wrist Guards give you the highest level of protection while being slim enough to fit under your snowboard gloves.

Triple 8 2022/23 Snow Protection

Triple 8 2022/23
Undercover Snow Wrist Guards and Knee Pads

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