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686 Womens Outerwear 2024/25 Preview

Retail Buyers Guide:  Womens Outerwear FW24/25 Retail Buyer’s Guide
Brand:  686 Women's Outerwear Preview
Interviewee: Brent Sandor

What is the overall theme behind your 2024/25 outerwear range? From which big trends do you take your inspiration?
24/25 is a year in which we embrace modern femininity. The women’s collection essentially has two  sides – one for the female who wants to embrace a traditional feminine look through fit and color and another side for the women who have been embracing more gender inclusive looks, styles and colors. We believe each woman should be empowered to embrace her femininity in her own way.

What new fits / silhouettes are coming out in 2024/25? What pant and jacket styles are most important in your range?
Our women’s pants have gotten roomier through the hip, thigh and knee overall and waist and rises have been rebalanced. We continue to update our fits based on women riders, who tend to have stronger legs with more muscle. Our oversized elastic waist outline pant sold out immediately in year one and has an additional colorway coming in the form of a limited edition Keith Haring collaboration, as well as a matching oversized anorak. We have also added a GORE-TEX 3L ATV kit designed with Hana Beaman. We have also added a duable nylon GORE-TEX dispatch bib to our womens side. This has been our best selling bib on the men’s side and the women have been asking for it.

What new colours / prints are you introducing?
Our women’s palate overlaps with our men’s palate, allowing female riders to mix and match products from both sides of the collections. The women on our team continue to rally around the earth tones of sage and cypress green as well as our new Antler and Purple Impression on the more traditional softer side of the color range.

Any *NEW* technical stories with regards to fabrics and materials?

Any trends that your brand is moving away from?
Incredibly slim pants and heavy colorblocking. The female athletes are asking for baggier fits and more solids, influences by skateboarding and outdoor culture.

What are your top marketing stories for 2024/25? (This will help us to put some focus in the right place.)

The GORE-TEX 3L ATV collection is designed by Hana Beaman to be the go to for our backcountry team. Possibly the baggiest 3L on the market, the ATV bib is a fisherman style pant that is perfect for touring, sledding and resort and has a complimentary jacket.



The Outline Pant and Jacket – an oversized, elastic waist pant developed with Darrah Reid-Mclean and Taylor Elliot. The matching Anorak features a drop-shoulder design with plenty of room and style for resort, street and backcountry. Ths combo also comes in a limited edition Keith Haring collaboration colorway.

The Outline Pant and Jacket

The Outline Pant and Jacket

The GORE-TEX Willow Pant is a unique GORE-TEX pant that has a neoprene high waist that is comfortable and keeps snow out. We have updated the fit to ensure the waist fits tight while the legs have room for females with larger, more muscular legs and hips.

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Willow Pant

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