Rojo 2023/2024 Base Layers Preview

Retail Buyers Guide:  Base Layers 2023/24 Retail Buyer‘s Guide
Brand:  Rojo
Interviewee: Jassie Salveson, Sales & Marketing

What’s your base layer strategy for 2023/24? 
With consumers becoming more cost-conscious it has become important that we continue to develop product which can be worn in a multitude of conditions while still performing in its core environment (snow). Colourful designs and prints, signature to the ROJO Outerwear brand, celebrate nature and encourage the consumer to step outside and aid their own discovery in mountain sports and beyond. Hence, our 23/24 base layer has been designed to push the boundaries of where a base layer can be used. High-neck silhouette protects the wearer in extreme mountain environments on and off the snow. Whereas our cropped 7/8 pants offers support when completing smooth downhill turns or an early morning sun salutation. We want to inspire the consumer to discover more, beyond what is traditionally thought of base layer categories. 

Are there any new trends in base layers?
Outdoor and athleisure use continues to dominate base layer trends. Designing products that go beyond, offer value to the consumer and being climate conscious. Of course, colours and beautiful prints continue to emerge in the marketing, inspiring the consumer to Mix & Match and create their own look – this is a signature theme in the ROJO range. This is iterated in our Funnel Neck Base Layer Top, doubling as a neck warmer to protect the wearer against icy winds while also protecting the neck from sunburn on spring days whilst skiing or even while hiking. 

What are the key materials you are using?
Our baselayer is made with 90% polyester and 10% spandex. 

Do you have any tech innovations for 2023/24?
We continue to use highly breathable, non-pilling, moisture wicking, quick-drying, 4-way stretch fabric. We hope to utilise more innovations in our 24/25 range including building on our Positive Change sustainability story and also creating a spring/summer base-layer range that includes SPF protection. 

What colours and patterns are you working with?
Watercolour universe, think pastle blues and space dust lilacs, embodies the floating feeling of euphoria experienced in the mountains after completing your favourite run. The camofoliage with eradescent blues celebrates the icy snow and frozen flowers hidden beneath the surface and finally our bittersweet bouquet  is a bright floral kalediscope celebrating the devine feminine power found within. These can be paired with staple purple rose and true black.  As always we like to inspire the consumer through colour and beautiful prints developed in-house which has become staple to the ROJO brand.  Our pallet, as always, is designed to Mix and Match, allowing the wearer to create their own look which of course can be paired back to our Outerwear and acessoires collection. 

What are your main price points?
Our Price ranges from 55 to 90.090EU.  

Please name and describe in about 60 words each of your 3 key models for 2023/24.

Base Layer Hood

Base Layer Hood

This garment is constructed with a high neck and hood allowing you to push the boundaries and stay warm against icy mountain winds or even wear  while you hike or gym in the cooler months. The moisture wicking fabric will keep you dry and warm on and off the mountain. 

Funnel Neck Top

Funnel Neck Top

Designed for the consumer who feels the cold, our funnel neck top acts as a second neckwarmer to keep the warm air in while you battle mother nature. Beautiful colours and prints allow for a seamless design from the mountains to the streets. 

7/8 Pant

7/8 Pant

Parctical design for layering and added warmth and support around the waist thanks to the thick waist-band which also minimises slipping. Wear downhill on the resort and while completing yoga and pilates. Subtle woven badge detailing on prints and printed ROJO branding on plain dye colours creates a cohesive design.  

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