Miller Division 2021 Longboards Preview

Miller Division 2021 Longboards Preview

Retail Buyers Guide:  Longboards 2021 Retail Buyer’s Guide
Brand:  Miller Division
Interviewee: Ivan Garcia Arozamena, Product Manager

What is the current state of the European longboard market, also compared to the US?
The current European state is back in a great moment. We have seen for decades that it usually follows a curve of 5 years rising in popularity and 5 years falling again, and so it repeats. We are clearly in the cycle of the rise, and at the same time, new generations of skaters and girls that there were not before. Also, the creation of skateparks and skate schools is helping to popularize skateboarding in general. About the state in the United States, I only understand according to information, that it has almost doubled since the Covid began.

Has the current skateboard boom impacted your sales over the last Quarter?
Yes, it has affected them significantly and positively. We have grown a lot in all categories, even with programming for months, we have not been able to satisfy all customers.

Miller Division 2021 Longboards

How has Covid impacted the supply side of the business?
The Covid has had a positive part since with the restrictions of not being able to travel, or not being able to move from your territory, it has made individual sports such as skateboarding have an indisputable role, since asphalt is everywhere, and it has made people skate and buy skateboards, as it is a fun way to enjoy the few things that could be done. With this, sales have skyrocketed exponentially.

On the other hand, the negative part has been to preorder clients earlier than normal, even 6-8 months before the date. Since the problems of lack of materials in manufacturing and the great rise in logistics has made us be much more forward-looking to be able to meet our customers.

What is your collection theme and which stories are important for 2021?
At Miller, we always follow a fun line since skateboarding is fun. For each family, we are inspired in a different way. For surfskates and cruisers we are basically inspired by surfing, nature and the harmony between the two, with friendly and calm designs, although always with touches of vibrant colours that make you want to skate.

In skateboards, we are inspired by many different themes but always with touches in common, such as strength, purity and always with a touch of irony.

What general trends are you noticing in terms of shapes and board sizes?
We follow the line that we think fits each rider. Both boys and girls, we design the shapes and measures thinking about who is going to use them. As a rule, we think that you have to go comfortably on a skate and that you do not miss or over, generous Tails but without going overboard, Extra width for large riders, and narrower for boys or girls with smaller feet and measurements.

Miller Division 2021 Longboards

What are your main materials for 2021? Any sustainable stories?
As for our woods, we continue to select the best quality, purest, without ribs or knots, so the durability and characteristics of Canadian maple are the most optimal. We also use other woods with grains other than maple but only on the outside to give a different touch to the Canadian maple. We also attach great importance to sustainability, that is why all our skates have the FSC seal that guarantees the origin of sustainable forests and reforestation control. Also, all the labelling of each product has the FSC seal

Which wheels, trucks and accessories do retailers need to keep on their radar next season?
Well, an important element is the surfskate trucks, since there is a high growth and you can always mount them on your old cruiser or wide skate deck and quickly turn it into a surfskate, with more twist and more fun. The issue of protection and helmets is also important since there are many children who start and it is important that they skate safely.

How are you expecting the 2021 Tokyo Olympics to impact demand and participation? And will this be part of your marketing?
We are seeing on the one hand, that the Olympic games are going to be very good for skateboarding in general. One of them is the increase in the construction of skateparks and in better situations (next to the beach, walks, etc ..) Another is also the rise of new skate schools and indoor skateparks. It will also be good because the media will give more impact to skateboarding and with it more skateparks in each town and more help to skaters who want to carve out a future as a professional.

In Miller, we have our pro rider Jaime Mateu, who today is classified for the Olympics in the Park modality, and will compete for Spain, with this we see the strong economic support that Spain does for Olympic athletes. A very positive development for riders who want to dedicate themselves to professional skateboarding who have never had institutional aid before and in this way to be able to dedicate themselves 100% to skateboarding without having to worry about paying the bills J

It will surely be a part of our marketing in the Skateboarding family, it will also be held in Japan this year and skateboarding is very important to us there.

How are you supporting retailers amid the coronavirus crisis?
Basically and with the strong sales and the difficulty of not having a product for everyone, we have decided to give priority to all those who schedule on time. We have also prioritized that they have stock even when we do not have it on our own website. In this way, we help our clients of small or medium businesses to maintain their commercial activity and not be so affected by the Covid situation. We have also momentarily closed all customers who made drop shipping and did not schedule.

Describe 3 of your Best Sellers.

BIG WAVE · 30,5” x 9,6”

30,5” x 9,6”, 7 x plies 100% Canadian Maple

Front Truck: Miller XRKP2 special system.

356 premium Aluminum, press casting, 160mm (6,5”)

Back Truck: Miller standard skateboard extra high.

356 premium Aluminum, press casting, 160mm (6,5”)

Creek Wheels 65mm 78a

OCTOPUS · 31” x 9,7”

31” x 9,7”, 7 x plies 100% Canadian Maple

Front Truck: Miller XRKP2 special system.

356 premium Aluminum, press casting, 160mm (6,5”)

Back Truck: Miller standard skateboard extra high.

356 premium Aluminum, press casting, 160mm (6,5”)

Creek Wheels 70mm 78ª

STOKED · 31,5” x 10”

31,5” x 10”, 7 x plies 100% Canadian Maple

Front Truck: Miller XRKP2 special system.

356 premium Aluminum, press casting, 160mm (6,5”)

Back Truck: Miller standard skateboard extra high.

356 premium Aluminum, press casting, 160mm (6,5”)

Creek Wheels 70mm 78a

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