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Gul Wetsuits FW 2024 Preview

Retail Buyers Guide:  Wetsuits FW24 Retail Buyer’s Guide
Brand:  Gul
Interviewee: Jack Knowles, Sales Manager

What is your confidence level regarding FW24 orders/preorders? Did retailers manage to clear their shelves of the former collections? Low!
We have very limited distribution at the moment and I know what inventory each of them are carrying. 2024 is all about clearing to make way for a sparkling new range in 2025.

Winter wetsuits are the second most expensive pieces of the surfer’s kit after the board itself: are high pricepoints a challenge in an inflationary context or are the surfers willing to pay for quality?
I think Gul’s strength is value for money and I do believe we will benefit from the crunch because consumers can get the same tech for less….. We launched a 6/5/4 hooded suit this year and it’s retailing for £250. We have already sold out. I know our Response FX 5/4 is WSO best seller as well. I think consumers have to look around for best value…and I think we offer that.

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Will FW24 be a season of carry-overs for your brand or are you pushing new models?

Neoprene foams can be both sustainable and high-performance nowadays. What rubber compound will you use in FW24?
As it’s carry-over we will still be using Limstone based CR but plans for 2025 look good.

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What technologies/constructions are your outer/inner linings made of?
We have made improvements in the hydrophobic properties of the outer linings so less water held means less cooling. Graphene thermal on the inside is very nice.

What are the latest updates/innovations among your women wetsuit collection?
Same tech as men

Repair, recycle, upcycle ? How do you handle the afterlife of your wetsuits?
We have a good relationship with Bodyline in Newquay and use them, as much as poss.

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