Roxy Wetsuits FW 2024 Preview

Retail Buyers Guide:  Wetsuits FW24 Retail Buyer’s Guide
Brand:  ROXY
Interviewee: Nelly Pargade – Product manager

What is your confidence level regarding FW24 orders/preorders? Did retailers manage to clear their shelves of the former collections?
The situation is still not ideal but is getting better. We have been cautious and monitored closely our  SS24 orderbook, to be able to start fresh with FW24

Winter wetsuits are the second most expensive pieces of the surfer’s kit after the board itself: are high pricepoints a challenge in an inflationary context or are the surfers willing to pay for quality?
A little bit of both. Inflation definitely impacts affordability, making high price points more challenging for consumers. Women are willing to pay the price for the comfort and is up to us to bring desirability through our design and patterns.

Will FW24 be a season of carry-overs for your brand or are you pushing new models?
We are developing a new range every winter. This season again we are bringing innovation and novelties in our mid and high offer.

Neoprene foams can be both sustainable and high-performance nowadays. What rubber compound will you use in FW24?
We are using Eco Stretch Flight and Eco Xtra stretch neoprene made with recycled rubbers, recycled neoprene, oyster shell and limestone. We are always looking for the lightest, the most flexible while remaining being warm and durable.

What technologies/constructions are your outer/inner linings made of?
Recycled Polyester and Recycle Nylon depending on the range.

What are the latest updates/innovations among your women wetsuit collection?
We are consistently working with our world champion athletes to develop an extra stretch suit to have the best flexibility, it’s a textured neoprene all over the body that bring extra comfort and flexibility. Our sustainable department is also involved to always improve our fabric..

Repair, recycle, upcycle ? How do you handle the afterlife of your wetsuits?
Firstly, all of our wetsuits come with a comprehensive 2-year warranty, backed by an internal repair center situated in our European headquarters. Complete warranty details and repair services can be easily accessed through our website. Additionally, customers have the option to visit our stores for wetsuit returns or to inquire about repair services. In line with our commitment to sustainability, we actively collect used wetsuits at over 50 of our retail locations. These wetsuits are being repurposed through recycling and upcycling initiatives. Presently, we’re in the process of developing a new material that incorporates over 80% recycled wetsuit material. To date, we’ve accumulated over 2 tons of used wetsuits, poised for transformation into items like slaps and yoga mats.

Key Products:

Elite Xtra Stretch :
Industry-leading warmth & flexibility with an unparalleled feminine fit.



Rise : a construction thoughtfully designed to fit & move with the female form with hi-tech flexibility and support.



Swell : Comfy and sustainable suits reimagined in bold designs withbursts of colour, so you can stand out in the line-up.




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