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Sooruz Wetsuits FW 2024 Preview

Retail Buyers Guide:  Wetsuits FW24 Retail Buyer’s Guide
Brand:  Sooruz
Interviewee: Sooruz Marketing

What is your confidence level regarding FW24 orders/preorders? Did retailers manage to clear their shelves of the former collections?
It seems that shops are gradually regaining their cash flow, yet they remain cautious in placing orders and are not prepared to take risks again. We are optimistic that by FW24, the wetsuit stock in the market will have re- turned to its standard level, thereby ensuring a stable and healthy market. At Soöruz, we are experiencing an increasing number of reorders for FW23 and already have more preorder than we expected for SS24.

Winter wetsuits are the second most expensive pieces of the surfer’s kit after the board itself: are high pricepoints a challenge in an inflationary context or are the surfers willing to pay for quality?
At Soöruz, we want that all our wetsuits ranges offer the best price for their level of technicity, performance & sustainability. During this slower period for our factories, we are working hard with them to improve the quali- ty of our product. Thanks to our growth, they are more open to negotiation which allows us to keep the inflation of the price down while increasing the technicity of our products. We are proud to offer our high range GURU 6/5/4mm Hooded Oysterprene wetsuit at less of 500€ public price.



Neoprene foams can be both sustainable and high-performance nowadays. What rubber compound will you use in FW24?
Our success in recent years is linked to our Oysterprene innovation, the perfect example of the alliance between performance and sustainability. We’re delighted to have made it available to other brands in 2023, and to have moved the market in the right direction. Today, the general public is aware that performan ce can also be sustainable. There will still be room for improvement regarding the sustainability of the foam but we are really happy with our newest foam Örganic Oysterprene using natural rubber, oyster powder and vegetal oil (68% bio-sourced). We already used this foam on our GURU range for SS24 and we are happy to extend it to our FIGHTER and DI- VINE ranges for FW24 making the majority of our wetsuits chloroprene free.

What technologies/constructions are your outer/inner linings made of?
We have updated the zipper construction for all our chest zip wetsuits, making them easier to put on and take off. This new design liberates the right shoulder from any stiffness, enhancing comfort during rides. The prima- ry material for our inner jerseys is Stormy Dry, a quick-drying plush that provides warmth while maintaining excellent stretch properties. Additionally, we use our Thermoloop fabric, which is lighter, super stretchy, and still keeps you warm. Both fabrics incorporate at least 50% recycled polyester in their composition. As for the outer lining, it is predominantly composed of recycled nylon and recycled polyester.

What are the latest updates/innovations among your women wetsuit collection?
The women collection is important for Soöruz & we are working on it to improve them each collection. Our most noteworthy update for winter women’s wetsuits is the GURU + Hooded. This wetsuit is the perfect choice for women who want to stay warm in the water. With our latest zipper construction and Örganic Oysterprene foam, it is easy to put on, providing excellent comfort and flexibility while riding. The main advantage lies in the warmth that this wetsuit offers. We tested it in Iceland with water temperatures around 5/6°C and an air tem- perature of -10°C, and our riders felt warm and extremely flexible in this 6/5/4 wetsuit.





Repair, recycle, upcycle ? How do you handle the afterlife of your wetsuits?
In 2019, we launched our SECOND LIFE program, our large scale recycling program. The final goal is to upcycle as many wetsuits as we put on the market every year. We recycle wetsuits of all kind of brands. After five years, we collected & shredded more than 40000 wetsuits thanks to our 132 collecting points in Eu- rope (surf school & shop). Our recycling solution, the shredding of the material, allows us to revalue 95% of the wetsuit. Then with our shredded neoprene, we develop new materials for sport floors, wall decorations or pil- lows stuffing. Apart from the second life program, the goal for our customers is to keep their wetsuits as long as possible. that why we guarantee all our stitches 3 years. In addition, we have a seamstress in our building that is specialized in neoprene and is able to repair any wetsuit to improve its longevity. This comprehensive after-sales service has not only provided insights into the weak points of our wetsuits but has also driven continual improvement year by year, resulting in even more resilient and long-lasting wetsuits.

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