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Retail Buyers Guide:  Wetsuits FW24 Retail Buyer’s Guide
Brand:  Hurley

What is your confidence level regarding FW24 orders/preorders? Did retailers manage to clear their shelves of the former collections?
Market full of stock,. Brands liquidating stock from past season, with high discount and less demand from consumer after covid situation. Our confidence level regarding FW24 orders/preorders is moderate. While retailers have made efforts to clear their shelves of former collections, the market is still saturated with overstock which affects our orders for FW24. Brands are liquidating stock from past seasons at high discounts, and there is less demand from consumers post-COVID situation.

Winter wetsuits are the second most expensive pieces of the surfer’s kit after the board itself: are high pricepoints a challenge in an inflationary context or are the surfers willing to pay for quality?
Winter wetsuits are indeed the second most expensive pieces of a surfer’s kit after the board itself. In an inflationary context, high price points can pose a challenge. However, we have not adjusted prices since COVID. We have expanded our offering of AIR and ADAVNT lines to provide more affordable options for consumers. Nonetheless, we continue to invest in innovation and technology, evident in the launch of our MAX 5/3 hood, the flagship of our collection. Surfers are generally willing to pay for quality, but the market is currently offering quality products at discounted prices.


Will FW24 be a season of carry-overs for your brand or are you pushing new models?
FW24 will feature a mix of carry-overs and new models for our brand. Neoprene foams can be both sustainable and high-performance nowadays.

What rubber compound will you use in FW24?

But we are considering special launches on high sustainable product though our channels for upcoming seaon. For FW24, there are no changes in the neoprene foam compound we use as we haven’t introduced any new models. Due to excess inventory, we’ve only introduced new colors with existing models. However, we are considering special launches of highly sustainable products through our channels for the upcoming season.


Repair, recycle, upcycle ? How do you handle the afterlife of your wetsuits?
We prioritize sustainability in handling the afterlife of our wetsuits. We repair wetsuits from our schools to give them a second life. Additionally, we collaborate with organizations like Open Arms and other local foundations, supporting them with their material needs and promoting initiatives such as recycling and upcycling to minimize environmental impact.


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