Revolution FW22 Men's Streetwear Preview

Revolution FW22 Men’s Streetwear Preview

Retail Buyers Guide:  Men’s Streetwear 2022/23 Retail Buyer‘s Guide
Brand:  revolution
Interviewee: Creative Director and Owner

How is the European boardsports streetwear market performing right now?
For us it has performed very well, it seems like our take on sustainable functional street wear has gain a good position in the market

How are you as a brand working around Covid-19 and what are some of the issues you’re facing? i.e delays/shipping issues/carry over..
We have of course like most other brands experience some shipping delays but our long term relationship with suppliers have minimized the delays. Furthermore we have changed our delivery system just before Covid so we are making less styles but deliver in more drops has fitted well with the new market situation

What are your main price points for next season and how is Covid-19 effecting these?
All materials has increased in price as well as shipping cost has been going through the roof – we have increased our prices a bit but it more or less came natural as we have increased our sustainable take on our style range.
Furthermore we not alone cover the costs as we do not see this changing in the future, we need to educate customers to a bit of a higher price range, we need to take a stand on fast fashion


What new themes/collections are you stoked to be releasing in the coming season?
We have made college/sport line within the collections, with varsity jackets – besides that a strong line of loose fitting silouettes in earth tones. Our jacket programme has a count of more than 30 options, this is still one of our major categories build on 20 years of knowledge

What is the “must have” boardsports look (head-to-toe) for next season?
The layering has a key role in our collections and especially overshirt and a line of teddy jackets has been strong, which we believe will be for a few more coming seasons


Are trends staying the same, or are you noticing new styles coming through? Vests/Fleeces/ Outdoors
We see more visual pockets as a both functional and fashion take, vest are in as a layering piece

What are you doing with materials, colours and textures/ technolog?
We are trying our very best to change some of our key fabrics into sustainable solutions – like changing polyester into recycled polyester, cotton into organic, Teflon into EcoElite Teflon and adding more more technical solutions to the fabrics – like membranes etc

Are you focusing more on layered styles or singular solid warm pieces?
Layering has always been key to us so nothing new – we build our line of products around the possibility to layer up. As a new thing we are introducing a line of all year shell jackets with a wcp on 16.000 and taped seams – they are perfect match for layering, comes are parka long and short and as top coat

What are you doing in regards to sustainability?
We just launched our CSR rapport with our goals for 2023 and 2025 – we aim at being 50/60% sustainable by 2025 – it is a though goal but we try our very best to get there


Which trends do you see currently happening in the denim segment? (Seasonal colors, distressed jeans, washes, best sellers, etc)
loose loose loose

What is your current denim collection’s theme and marketing story?
We have skipped the regular fitting and are only doing loose fitted denim, it fits with us with what we like the most. All denims are organic and distressed is put on hold for now


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