SA1NT FW22 Men's Streetwear Preview

SA1NT FW22 Men’s Streetwear Preview

Retail Buyers Guide:  Men’s Streetwear 2022/23 Retail Buyer‘s Guide
Brand:  SA1NT
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As a background, we consciously anchored the SA1NT brand in an authentic space of action and toughness, first with moto and then workwear. But our innovative material has always been sewn with sartorial consideration, as we’ve always felt the greatest opportunity is to offer an exceptional value for money proposition in denim street wear. We are finding a fast growing fashion audience in the markets we have launched, and gaining momentum throughout Europe, as well as North America. This audience is attracted to our fashion cuts, celebration of Unbreakable human spirit, and great value for money in patented denims 5 times stronger than a 12 oz Levis 501 material. We are also humbled by the amazing natural following we have throughout the world been represented by fantastic human beings. For SS22, we have grown our offering considerably. We have included amazing new tech with things like compression socks and sleeves, as well as an armoured puffer jacket. Our tough lifestyle sector includes new hoodies and crews, flannel shirts, chino trousers, and a new denim jacket.




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