TSG SS20 Wakeboard Hard Goods

TSG SS20 Wakeboard Hard Goods Preview

Retail Buyers Guide:  Wakeboard Hard Goods SS20

Brand: TSG
Interviewee: Nadja Herger

TSG SS20 Wakeboard Hard Goods

Which of your helmets sold well in 2019 and why? With almost every wake park insisting that riders must wear a helmet, are you seeing a decent growth in this market. Are you actively trying to design a helmet specifically for the wake park market? What technology are you using in your 2020 helmets and what makes your helmet stand out over other helmets on the market?

We offer after sell Wakeboard Earpads that can be fixed to our existing hardshell helmet models. Convenient for riders that already own a TSG helmet for biking or skateboarding.

Our Dawn Wakeboard helmet is specifically designed and certified for wakeboaridng and water sports. It is a full cut design with hardshell ears. It is tested and certified to the EN 1385 CE standard: Helmets for canoeing and white water sports.

Our Snug Fit is what makes our helmet stand out over other helmets on the market:

We design our helmets differently from our competitors. We have analyzed the most diverse heads and determined a basic anatomical shape. This allows us to follow the curves of the human head shape exactly. You can see this very well when you look at a TSG helmet from the front: The sides of the helmet shell have more curvature and go clearly inwards. The outline of the TSG helmets at the sides and at the back is round and not straight down like with other helmets. With this production we achieve a so-called contact ring inside the helmet. Here the head touches the helmet all around.

We call this the TSG Snug Fit. Beside the better fit, our helmets with Snug Fit also look less bulky.
In order to lift the TSG helmet from the head, more power is needed than with competition models. This is important so that the helmet does not slip during use and above all remains in the correct position even in the event of a fall.

TSG SS20 Wakeboard Hard Goods

Key Products
Tell us about your 2 key products for 2020 and why you think they will be great sellers?

Dawn Wakeboard
The Hardshell Ear Coverage of our Dawn helmet builds the perfect base for our wakeboard helmet. The Dawn Wakeboard rocks the same classic style but is equipped with a soft waterproof foam liner at the ears. Our Snug Fit design is tailored to the natural curves of your head, allowing us to build slim helmet profiles with strong, secure performance. The quick-dry padding wicks away moisture, so it’s a perfect fit for water sport enthusiasts.

Wake Ear Pads
With the Evolution Wake Ear Pads you can easily turn your TSG helmet into a wakeboard helmet. Just fix the ear pads to your TSG helmet and your ears are protected against water flush. Available in adult and youth size. Fits: Evolution, Recon, Skate/BMX

TSG SS20 Wakeboard Hard Goods

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