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got bag SS24 Lifestyle Backpacks Preview

Retail Buyers Guide:  Lifestyle Backpacks SS24 Retail Buyer‘s Guide
Brand:  Got Bag
Interviewee: Dominique Legatski, Lead of wholesale

What is Your Brand?
GOT BAG has developed the world’s first backpack made of Ocean Impact Plastic. The company’s mission is to do their part to rid the oceans of plastic waste. To do this, GOT BAG established its first clean-up program in Indonesia. Here, participants collect Ocean Impact plastic, i.e. plastic that is in the sea or in coastal areas. By collecting near the coast, the plastic is prevented from entering the ocean in the first place. The PET portion of the collected plastic is fed into yarn production for the textile made from recycled Ocean Impact Plastic. For the remaining non-recyclable plastics, the best possible recycling solutions are constantly sought locally and recycling partnerships are established. The GOT BAG products impress with their minimalist, timeless design. The ROLLTOP has established itself as an ideal all-rounder. Due to the PVC- and PFC-free coating of our materials, the products are water- and dirt-repellent – some models are even constructed to be waterproof.

What are the main current trends in the lifestyle backpack market?
Sustainability: Consumers are becoming increasingly conscious of their impact on the environment and are looking for sustainable and eco-friendly backpack options. Brands are responding to this trend by incorporating recycled materials, using sustainable manufacturing processes, and offering products that are designed to last.
Minimalism: Backpacks with clean and simple designs that prioritize functionality over fashion are becoming increasingly popular. These backpacks are often made with high-quality materials and offer practical features such as water-resistant coatings and padded laptop compartments.
Versatility: Consumers are looking for backpacks that can be used for a variety of purposes, from commuting to work to weekend adventures. Backpacks that can be easily converted into different forms, such as messenger bags or duffel bags, are particularly popular.
Customization: Many consumers are looking for backpacks that reflect their personal style and offer a unique look. Brands are responding to this trend by offering backpacks that can be customized with different colors, patches, and accessories.
Affordability: With increasing inflation we think that more affordable products will see an increase in demand.

What were your best sellers in SS23?




Our “Rolltop”And “Rolltop light”: Flexible & robust – the all-rounder for adventure seekers & freedom lovers protects against wind and weather and can be easily expanded thanks to its flexible roll-top closure and side straps. A separate, removable laptop sleeve accommodates a 15-inch laptop. Waterproof material: An innovative PFC- and PVC-free coating keeps your belongings dry. Once you tightly roll and close the opening, your ROLLTOP is waterproof. With its timeless, minimalist design and durable, robust material, your GOT BAG will accompany you for a particularly long time in your everyday life and during travels. Together, we are supporting a sustainable circular economy and tackling the problem at its root – because we collect and recycle ocean impact plastic for your GOT BAG, but also strive to reduce the amount of plastic being used and ending up in the sea. Each GOT BAG is a unique item that you can be proud of.”

Day Pack



Day Pack” : Stylish & compact – for spontaneous ocean lovers. Features an integrated 13″ laptop compartment and a luggage strap. It provides maximum comfort with a padded back. With its timeless, minimalistic design and durable, sturdy material, your GOT BAG will be on your side for a long time in everyday life and while traveling. Together, we support a sustainable circular economy and tackle the problem at its root – because not only do we recover and recycle Ocean Impact Plastic for your GOT BAG, but we also work to prevent plastic from being used and ending up in the ocean in the first place. Each GOT BAG is a unique piece that you can be proud of.

“Hip Bag”: Stylish & super lightweight – for all daily essentials. Gives you flexibility and a lightweight experience and adapts perfectly to your urban adventures.With its timeless, minimalistic design and durable, sturdy material, your GOT BAG will be on your side for a long time in everyday life and while traveling. Together, we support a sustainable circular economy and tackle the problem at its root – because not only do we recover and recycle Ocean Impact Plastic for your GOT BAG, but we also work to prevent plastic from being used and ending up in the ocean in the first place. Each GOT BAG is a unique piece that you can be proud of.

How are you segmenting your SS24 lifestyle backpack collection and what are the price points?
Our SS24 lifestyle backpack collection is segmented into different categories based on their usage and features. We have travel bags/ Luggage designed for longer trips, lifestyle bags for everyday use, technical bags with advanced features in particular Waterproofness, and accessory bags like our new Moon Bag for smaller items. In terms of pricing, we offer a range of options to suit different budgets. Our more affordable options start at 39€, while our higher-end bags can go up to $189. We believe in offering a range of options to accommodate different preferences and budgets while maintaining the highest quality standards across all our products.

Which style(s) do you expect to grow the most in SS24?
We expect our travel and luggage line to experience the most growth in SS24. This new addition to our product line is anticipated to be well-received by customers and gain popularity due to its innovative design and features that cater to modern travelers’ needs. Furthermore, our classic rolltop style, which has been a popular choice among our customers, is also expected to continue growing in popularity in SS24. Its timeless design and functionality have made it a staple choice for many, and we anticipate its demand to remain strong in the upcoming season. Also our new easy pack which will be launched this summer at a price point at around 69€ and addresses a more price sensitive audience we anticipate to become a top seller this year and for SS24.

What are the most important technical features in your SS24 lifestyle backpack collection?
In our SS24 lifestyle backpack collection, two of the most important technical features are welding and waterproofness. Welding and waterproof bags have been an important feature of our product line since the beginning. For us it’s an important feature because it helps to ensure that the seams and joints of the backpack are strong and durable. Additionally, welding can help to create a sleek and modern look for the backpack, which is often desired in a lifestyle collection. Of course the resulting Waterproofness is another crucial feature in a lifestyle backpack collection, as it helps to keep the contents of the backpack dry in wet conditions.

What materials are you using in your SS24 collection?
For the most part we will be using our Ocean Impact fabric. Through our clean up networks in Indonesia plastic is removed from the environment, the PET portion of the collected materials is introduced into our supply chain. In our recycling process we generate an RPET Polyester yarn from which we create our fabrics used for our products.

What silhouettes are you featuring in your SS24 collection? Any construction techniques you’d like to highlight?
Our SS24 collection focuses on incorporating compact silhouettes with more organic forms, bridging the gap between lifestyle, urban, and outdoor elements. We are highlighting designs that are versatile and functional, suitable for both urban settings and outdoor adventures. The silhouettes are streamlined and tailored for a modern, sleek look while still maintaining a sense of ease and comfort. Additionally, we are incorporating technical fabrics and performance details to enhance the functionality of the collection, making it suitable for outdoor activities while still maintaining a fashion-forward aesthetic. The combination of compact silhouettes, organic forms, and innovative construction techniques results in a collection that is modern, versatile, and seamlessly blends lifestyle, urban, and outdoor influences.

What colours and prints are you featuring in your SS24 collection?
Especially for our top sellers we offer a wide range of different colors. We choose colors inspired by nature or by the ocean in particular. Some of our current top colors “Ocean”, “Reef” and “Algae” will be part of our collection in SS24. Besides that we will introduce new colors which have the potential to become long term substitutions to our collection.

What efforts are you implementing towards sustainability?
GOT BAG has been founded with the Mission to play a part in ridding our oceans from plastic waste. We will therefore be scaling up our clean up projects in Indonesia and other countries.

How will you be supporting retailers with the SS24 sales?
We´ve collected a lot of feedback from our retailers after the first few months of 2023 and asked how we can support them. One of our primary goals is to be as easy and flexible as possible to fulfill our partner’s needs. So, we will start with a regular pre-order business starting 2024.We will still have our NOS stockings, and retailers can still place direct asap orders. Pre Bookings will be made available especially to big department stores that need to pre-order earlier in the buying cycle.Furthermore, we will ensure that our bestsellers are in stock for the whole season and our design team is already working on new products requested by retailersBeyond product availability & design, we are always happy to train retailers’ staff and be present for in-store events.Last but not least, we will be able to provide custom GOT BAG POP and furniture to help effectively sell GOT BAG.

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