Mammut 2022/23 Technical Snow Backpacks

Mammut 2022/23 Technical Snow Backpacks

Retail Buyers Guide:  Technical Backpacks 2022/23 Retail Buyer’s Guide
Brand:  Mammut
Interviewee: Sandro Boner, Head of Packs & Bags

What are the main trends in the snow backpack market?
Obviously, sustainability plays already a big role and will be even more important in the future. We place a lot of focus on recycled materials, PFC Free DWRs, the usage of Bluesign® approved fabrics but also topics like fair working conditions at the production facilities of our producers (Fair Wear). Also, longevity plays a role, e.g. having a product repaired at our repair service. On the product level we put a lot of focus on accessibility, details in design and of course the fit. It is important for us, that our products are easy to operate and gear, in and on the backpack, is fast to access. Therefore, we place a lot attention to detail while designing. Last but not least, of course the fit of a backpack is super important. Here we focus especially on Women specific fits. Our backpacks for women don’t only have a shorter back length but have dedicated Women Fit Shoulder Straps to really fit the female anatomy.

What do customers expect from their technical snow backpacks these days?
We believe it’s what’s mentioned above. Customers expect their snow backpacks to fulfill what they were bought for and serve as a companion on adventures. So, they expect love to detail when it comes to the features, so the backpack is easy to operate. Furthermore, the backpack must have a great fit and needs to be sustainable. 

What were your best sellers in FW21/22?
Backpacks from our Nirvana collection were among our best sellers when it comes to technical snow backpacks, especially:
Nirvana 35 / Nirvana 35 Women: A very well-equipped backpack with 35L of volume, having all the features a snowpack needs to have: Ski- / Snowboard-fixation, helmet fixation, separate avalanche safety compartment etc. It has a big opening on the back allowing easy access to the main compartment and the Nirvana 35 Women comes with shoulder straps which are specifically shaped to fit the female anatomy.

Mammut 2022/23 Technical Snow Backpacks

Mammut 2022/23 Nirvana 35

Nirvana 18 / Nirvana 25: Those two backpacks are on a little lower price point but still carry all the necessary features, like Ski- / Snowboard-fixation, separate avalanche safety compartment and even a big back opening for easy access to the main compartment.

All our backpacks from the Nirvana collection use a recycled main and base fabrics and are PFC Free.

Where do you expect your biggest growth in FW22/23?
We expect our Nirvana collection to keep growing, as the response from the market was great. For W22/23 we are introducing our new Aenergy ST collection, and we are convinced to see growth here as well. The collection focuses more on the faster side of Ski Touring with the Aenergy ST 20-25 as the flagship and the Aenergy ST 32 and Aenergy ST 32 Women rounding up the collection.

Aenergy ST 20-25: It is a trail running vest inspired skitouring backpack with focus on features allowing access on the go. Furthermore, it includes features like skifixations, helmet holder, avalanche safety compartment, etc. 

Aenergy ST 32 / Aenergy ST 32 Women: Those two are more “classical” skitouring backpacks having a huge front opening to allow easy access. Also, the Aenergy 32 backpacks have all the important features like skifixations, helmet holder, avalanche safety compartment, etc. and the Aenergy ST 32 Women comes with shoulder straps which are specifically shaped to fit the female anatomy.

How are you segmenting your FW22/23 technical backpack collection and what are the main price points? 
For our technical snow packs we separate between our Nirvana collection and our new Aenergy ST collection. Nirvana backpacks are more downhill oriented and catered to freeriding. Aenergy ST backpacks are more uphill oriented and catered towards ski touring.


Nirvana 18 130 €

Nirvana 25 150 €

Nirvana 30 170 €

Nirvana 35 190 €

Nirvana 35 Women 190 €


Aenergy ST 20-25 155 €

Aenergy ST 32 170 €

Aenergy ST 32 Women 170 €

What are the most important technical features in your FW22/23 collection? 
Women Fit: Starting in SS19 we have created a special pattern for our women fit backpacks. The shoulder straps are not just narrower or shorter, but have their own pattern and cut to really fit to the female anatomy and offer an amazing carrying comfort.
Accessibility / Access on the go: We want our backpacks to be easy to use and accessibility plays a big role here. This is way we put a lot of focus on features to increase accessibility like big front or back openings or the fast ski fixation on the Aenergy ST 20-25.

What materials are you using? 
We focus on using sustainable fabrics, which are PFC Free and Bluesign® approved. Wherever possible and not impairing durability we chose recycled fabrics.

Any new developments on sustainability?
Like mentioned above, the focus on sustainability is growing and rightfully so. Our main focus lays on using fabrics not containing PFCs, which are bluesign® and wherever possible recycled. It’s very important we keep moving forward in this direction and certainly will stay a big focus for us in the future.

Please name and describe in about 60 words each, 3 highlight items from your FW22/23 collection. 

Aenergy ST 20-25

The Aenergy 20-25 lets you travel light and fast without compromising comfort or useful features. The carrying system is inspired by trail running vests. The load is kept close to the body to prevent it from bouncing around, while the anatomically shaped shoulder straps improve wearing comfort. Most of the pockets are always accessible, and you can attach your skis without having to take off the pack. The separate front compartment is for your avalanche safety equipment. This pack has also features like an integrated helmet attachment, rope attachment and loops for ice axe and poles. 

Nirvana 35 Women

As a touring/freeriding backpack, the Nirvana 35 Women is a great companion for one and multi-day tours. With its back length, shoulder straps and dimensions adapted for the female shape, the backpack ensures unparalleled comfort. The special U-frame increases carrying comfort and improves load transfer with attached skis or snowboard. The back zipper opens the backpack completely, allowing generous access to the main compartment, even if your snowboard is attached to the front. 

Mammut 2022/23 Technical Snow Backpacks

Mammut 2022/23 Nirvana 35

Nirvana 25

The Nirvana 25 is a compact backpack with extensive features for freeriding and touring. An optimum fit and back padding make it feel very comfortable to carry. Recycled polyester has been used for the main material. The main compartment can be fully opened to allow quick access at all times. The Nirvana 25 is compatible with hydration systems and has secure attachments for a snowboard, ice axe and trekking poles. Cool design, lots of practical features, environmentally friendly production – what more could a freerider wish for?

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