Picture S/S 23 Lifestyle Backpacks Preview

Picture S/S 23 Lifestyle Backpacks Preview

Retail Buyers Guide:  Lifestyle Backpacks S/S 2023 Retail Buyer’s Guide
Brand:  Picture
Interviewee: Maxime Lemaitre – Bags & Accessories product manager

What are the main current trends in the lifestyle backpack market?
We identify 2 trends on the market right now, people look for durable bags that will last for a lifetime. Moreover, we also see a growing concern regarding sustainability and the end of the product lifecycle.

What were your best sellers in SS22?
Our best sellers of SS22 were the S24 backpack, an urban day pack and the weekend warrior duffel bag which did a great introduction.

Weekend Warrior Duffle Bag video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O5m7XOInyK0&list=PLRYgmkj-nxA6Ht3gYF3EiWp8on3X4UNDD&index=5&ab_channel=PictureOrganicClothing

How are you segmenting your SS23 lifestyle backpack collection and what are the price points?
Our SS23 range is segmented in 3 different segments, which cover one specific usage each :

Outdoor : Technical backpack for outdoor activities such as hiking and mountain biking. A range which features comfy, easy to use and sustainable products. We offer 2 price points :



Urban : Backpack dedicated to daily use to go to work and bring all the essentials. A range which features water resistant, sustainable and thoughtfull designed product. We offer 3 price points :




Travel : Travel and duffel bags for adventure seekers all around the world. We have 4 price points :

GRYL KIT : 35€




Where do you expect the biggest growth in SS23?
After an impressive FW22 pre-order season with an overall growth of 48% (in volume) for the bag category we expect to keep up the pace. Our eco POD and upcycling story convince more and more retailers season after seasons. For SS23, we implement new design and continue the upcycling story on both outdoor and urban segment which should provide great growth.

Picture 2023 Wing

What are the most important technical features in your SS23 lifestyle backpack collection?
More than tehcnical features we invest all our energy on the sustainability of our range. Function of course matters a lot, we provide highly functional products, but our moto is too be the best on sustainability. To do so, we are focusing on the end of the product lifecycle and implement a long term concept on 100% of the range.

What materials are you using in your SS23 collection?
All of our materials are recycled. We use recycled polyester on both shell and lining on this new range and we have 2 new fabrics :

150D polyester ripstop with PU coating. We use this fabric on all the outdoor segment for its lightness and durability. We also apply a PFC free DWR to protect backpack content

170D Polyester plain with peach effect and TPE coating. Strongly waterproof and durable thanks to the coating, the peach effect bring a very mat effect and provide a modern look to all the urban backpack.

What colours and prints are you featuring in your SS23 collection?
Regarding the color and print stories of the SS23  collection, we continue to bring the same stories as our activewear and streetwear line to follow the art direction from Jeremy. It allow us to create complete and impactfull silhouette and to diferentiate from the competition with unique prints. therefore you will find different options for both men and women :

Geology Green : Study and production of a relief print, aerial view of the Alps in the vicinity of Annecy. Clay colours inspired by the earth, completed by this Orchid touch leading to dreams and evasion

Dusty Blue : Colours inspired by the midnight sun, both the cold of the night, the arctic and the frail glow of a permanent sunrise

Absinthe Green : Colours inspired by the midnight sun, both the cold of the night, the arctic and the frail glow of a permanent sunrise

Geoly Cream : Mineral colours. Study and production of a relief print, aerial view of the Alps in the vicinity of Annecy.

Picture 2023 Wing

What marketing stories do you have in your SS23 collection?
More than a marketing story we have a real push on the end of the product life solution: upcycling. We decided to bring back the concept behind our rethink bag which won an ISPO award in FW14. The idea is pretty simple, we build durable backpack that will last forever but if for some reason you do end up wearing it out, we thought of that, too. Give it a second life by cutting “along the dotted line” inside your backpack. You will be able to create new small accessories from different part of your backpacks. It will also allow to pass on the product from a generation to another. The upcycling features depend of every styles, but all the SS23 backpack will carry this story for this and the upcoming seasons. To help end consumer doing it the right way, we will provide many details on the hangtag as well as product videos and DIY tutorial to easily upcycle your favorite bag.


What efforts are you implementing towards sustainability?
Pïcture is a sustainable brand since its creation in 2008. We accept no compromise when it comes to sustainability. This is especially true on our backpacks line. First of all, we take durability as a serious concern since the most sustainable product is the product you can use for a lifetime. To extend its use, we introduced the lifetime repair warranty in FW21 on 100% of the range. Thanks to a partnership with several repair center all over the world, we can repair and warranty the zippers, seams, trims (buckles, puller…) and webbing. If by any chance you stop wearing your bag, we introduced the upcycling concept to give your product a second life.
Moreover, we source only sustainable fabric and trims. Therefore all of our main fabric and lining are made of recycled polyester, and we also use PFC free DWR treatment on 100% on the range. Last but not least, the range is produced in Vietnam in an ethical factory.

How will you be supporting retailers with the SS23 sales?
To support retailers during SS23 season, we will provide a full package of assets to drive sells online and instore. We created product video for each new styles to emphasizes key benefits, main features and upcycling options on every style and franchise. We will have a dedicated social media communication during the seasons with this assets. And in addition to that wer also introduced a new POP program to help retailers attract consumer attention toward the new upcycling story in shop.

Picture 2023 Wing

Best Sellers
Perfect day pack for urban workers and student. Compact volume to bring all the essential for a day at the office. Sustainable, water resistant, thoughtfully designed and strongly durable thanks to fabric choice, lifetime repair warranty and upcycling features.

Perfect day pack for getting out the marked paths and exploring the great outdoors. Light and comfy thanks to light 150D polyester, back constructions, and mesh shoulders. Truly sustainable with 100% recycled fabric, recycled buckles and upcycling features.

Technical waistpack perfect for Mountain bike and hiking session. Its 5l volume allow to bring all the essential for a day activity and leave the backpack at home. Light and comfy thank its light fabric and mesh backpanel. Truly sustainable with 100% recycled fabric, recycled buckles and upcycling features.

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