Sector 9 Skateboards SS20 Surfskate Preview

Sector 9 Skateboards SS20 Surfskate Preview

Retail Buyers Guide:  Surfskate SS20

BrandSector 9 Skateboards
Interviewee: Euro Niner Maui, Marketing

Sector 9 Skateboards SS20 Surfskate Preview


What is the current relevance of surf skate on the cruiser and longboards market? And what kind of demand has your brand been experiencing in this category?
With time, names and categories change. In the end of the day we talk about sidewalksurfing. And since day 1 sidewalksurfing is the very essence of what we do at Sector 9 Skateboards. So it is for sure the basis of everything for us.

G + S were the pioneers.. we just built on top.

The big difference of what we do at S9 is to offer the quiver approach to sidewalksurfing.. from very tight carving boards up to the bigger guns for more speedy long line and downhill surfing.

Sometimes people want to go into fast carves, sometimes they just want to be convinced by Instagram’s visual magic… All in all people love surfing the asphalt and that since quite some time. We wouldn’t segment the market on only the name Surf skate. It really misleads and does not help to integrate all skating domains. It kind of separates and that is a pity.

What kinds of customers does surf skate attract?
We observe two kinds of customers. The ones that search the ease of things and visuality, and then the ones that really like to feel the pressure of gravity in a lateral line. It comes out pretty quick in a conversation which type of motivation you’re encountering.

Sector 9 Skateboards SS20 Surfskate Preview

How should retailers play this category?
Most of the shops just ride on the Marketing Wave. The better shops let people try the boards and explain the specific characteristics and options the board has. If you just sell online then it seems to be the job of the manufacturer to drive a certain category and offer good quality in material and marketing.


What is the trending deck shape in surf skate?
Our permanent trend is to be ready for whatever type of sidewalksurfing style you seek. The Quiver is the key. Small and tight, for garage entrances for example, or longer more speed liking boards that you surf at higher speeds. It really is like in surfing. Different waves different boards X different streets different skates.

Does the category mainly revolve around completes?
Completes and Truck Systems too. We have 3-4 different Truck types that are suiting the segment, depending on the terrain. It is clear that the Gullwing Sidewinder Truck that we use on many Sector 9 Boards is the most demanded to get the surf feeling in your day to day life…

It reflects in the sales for sure.

What special design features are boosting the surf skate trend?
What fuels sidewalksurfing a lot and what is really timeless, are the Gullwing Sidewinder Trucks with their patented Double Kingpin System and soft Marshmallow Bushings equally from Gullwing.


What kinds of trucks do skaters need for that surfy skate feeling?
Here we go again: it depends on what terrain you want to skate or surf. Gullwing Sidewinders Trucks are for easy carving. The biggest difference with the Sidewinder Trucks is that you have to install two times the same truck and not just one special design up front and on standard on the back. It allows you to press down the entire rail of the skateboard and not just to wiggle the front one. The  Gullwing Mission Trucks for a more essential type of sidewalksurfing (like in the 70’s) and last but not least the Gullwing Charger 1 trucks that can handle slightly higher speeds and also love to surf down a little hill without risking speed wobbles.

What kinds of wheels support surfing on concrete?
Excellent question, because most of the fun you gain comes out of the wheels. If they are bad everything is shit. If they are good, it is good. But if they are excellent you will blow the mind of your customer. We propose the 69 mm TOP SHELFS with offset core and Softhigh End Top Shelf Urethane. Maximum speed and grip that you can lean in the carve to feel the magic of gravity. For the smaller sidewalk surfers we love the 58mm NINEBALLS. In their class, unmatched in speed and grip.

Are you offering any accessories for surf skate? Perhaps anything to upgrade existing set-ups to a surf skate board?
With good wheels you can satisfy a sidewalksurfer even more.

Sector 9 Skateboards SS20 Surfskate Preview


Please name and describe your 3 highlight pieces and items that retailers should definitely order.
Crescent Wave Park 240€ Retail

Nectar Unagi 260 € Retail

Flux Fractal 270€ Retail

Or the Gullwing Sidewinder Trucks itself in 9″ or 10″ depending on board’s width 85-90€ depending on Color

The Gullwing Mission Trucks are 50€ a pair

The Gullwing Charger 1 are 64€ in retail

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