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Retail Buyers Guide:  Water Helmets S/S 22 Retail Buyer’s Guide
Brand:  TSG
Interviewee: Nadja Herger, Marketing/Communication

Are you offering any accessories to your helmets?
We offer wakeboard earpads, so you can easily turn your TSG helmet into a wakeboard helmet. Easy to fix to our ABS hardshell skate helmet to protect ears against water flush.

Please talk us through your key model for FW21/22.

The Dawn Wakeboard Helmet

The Hardshell Ear Coverage of our Dawn helmet builds the perfect base for our wakeboard helmet. The Dawn Wakeboard rocks the same classic style, but is equipped with a soft waterproof foam liner at the ears. Our Snug Fit design is tailored to the natural curves of your head, allowing us to build slim helmet profiles with strong, secure performance. The closed cell EPS inner shell does not absorb water and the quick-dry padding wicks away moisture, so it‘s a perfect fit for water sport enthusiasts. Meets the requirements of the European water sport helmet standard EN1385.

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