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Brand:  Tur
Interviewee: Joel Telde ,investment and finance . Jörgen Svedberg, production management.

How would you describe the current state of the snowboard market? What big developments, changes, challenges, and/or opportunities are you seeing and how is your brand navigating them?

We see an inspiring development in snowboards, especially in Sweden where the interest of snowboarding is increasing. This leads to an increase in demands in where developments increases as well. Together with this we expect that the tougher economic climate will decrease sales in the market as a whole and at the same time production prices are increasing. As a relatively new and small brand we are looking for growth but without loosing the brands DNA in keeping high quality and premium products. At the moment we are selling our products with low margins to keep the end price to consumer down as much as possible to be able to introduce our products to a wider audience.

Following overall price increase, any positive developments with regards to manufacturing, sourcing, or logistics and the changes you’ve made? Are there any examples you can share of how your business pivoted effectively? What developments are you seeing with regards to product pricing?

The good news here is that shipping has gone down in price and hopefully the increase in production prices won’t be as high next year. The forecasted dip in the economy should help to keep the increase in costs low.

Is e-commerce sales still strong since most brands have been put a lot of effort in physical retail?

 We have dedicated significant resources to our e-commerce and are launching a new website this fall and together with other efforts we hope that we will increase our e-commerce. As a trend we expect e-commerce to increase over time. It seems inevitable. At the same time we find a great value in the retailers for many reasons and really want them to thrive so we try to make life as easy as possible for them from our part by being there partner.

Past last winter and the lack of snow in Europe, what’s your overall sales and production/inventory strategy for 24/25?

Our focus is growth so that defines our strategy more. We need to have products in stock but we try to keep it down as much as possible. If our growth strategy is successful we will have increase our inventory even more. We will make sure to be seen a lot at local resorts and through friends and ambassadors.


What trends or developments are you seeing with regards to board construction, shapes, and general innovation? How is this shaping your 24/25 range?

We continue working with shapes that have big demands and great reviews, there for our cornerstones The Pluv and The Buteo continues being our main shapes when it comes to solids. We also have The Falc that’s made for and together with Björn Lindgrens . Best used in his backyard of Riksgränsen. And the other new model The Korp a really playful directional twin made together with master ripper Zebbe Landmark . It will rule the parks. Last but not the least we have The Bubo, a top performance riding board built for maximum float and buoyancy but also the hard packed days. All graphics made by Swedish artist Ragnar Persson. Each board starts with a vision and the boards are constructed around that vision. To create a truly premium board, we compromise on any level, working with the best people, factories and materials we trust.

We are working with some of the best guides, shops and resorts to have a couple of nice events during the season. Both for beginners and more advanced boarders. And of course make sure that we will ride as much as we can ourselves.

Anything new concerning sustainability and related product or construction you would like to highlight?

 Our brand profile as Scandinavian and with both splitboards and solid boards in our program.We all want to be able to go snowboarding in the future as well. This means sustainability is important to us. We try to implement it in every aspect of our business but we need to get further in our work to really start communicating this to our customers.

Are you using any new materials in your hardware for 24/25? If so, what and why? We’re interested in anything new in inserts / edges / cores / sidewalls / glue / resin/ wood types / base material / top sheet / etc. here.

We have a close dialog with our manufacturer about new materials and thoughts. We’ve had really good feedback for our three first boards from our users so we will continue working on those and giving the shapes small tweaks for an even better feel. The new Falc and Korp will widened the brand to go to the next level. We are really excited about this season.

Any new design or pattern approaches in your 24/25 gear? Any collabs on the line?

 We are always thinking and planning for new and inspiring things for our brand. We have a great collab coming out pretty soon. Keep your eyes open.

Are you planning to focus on a special product range or type of customers? What’s your newest range?

The Korp, designed together with Zebbe Landmark, is a directional twin . Made for nice side hits and technical park riding. Zebbe and a few others has been trying out this one and we are super confident that this will be a fantastic addition to our other boards.

 The Bubo will come in a longer length, 154.4 cm.  This is a magic board. So fun.

 Also the new Falc , designed by Björn Lindgren, will be a competent board that will be a contender for board of the year we think. Björn won the Riksgränsen Banked slalom last year on the first concept Falc.

What is your top product marketing story for next season?

 We have updated all our artwork with the artist Ragnar Persson. Its a tight and well considered concept that looks amazing.

Best Sellers/Hero/Key products

The Falc:

Natural and playful terrain, big mountains to tricky side hits, resort runs, slush and powder to icy conditions.The Falc is a quick, freestyle board with high maneuverability that’s trustable at fast speeds, made to handle everything from tricky natural terrains to big mountains, banked slaloms to park and icy groomed runs.



The Bubo:

Tight tree runs, deep powder, mellow groomers and overall fun terrain.The Bubo is a top performance riding board built for maximum float and buoyancy but also for the hard packed days when the soft snow is nowhere to be found.




The Korp:

Playful in the park and all over the mountain, on-piste, side hits, semi-deep powder and the streets. The Korp is a premium, high-performance, freestyle twin-directional tool that rips any situation you might encounter either at your home resort, in backcountry or out in the streets. 



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