Rossignol FW21/22 Snow Helmets

Rossignol FW20/21 Snow Helmets Preview

Retail Buyers Guide:  Snow Helmets FW20/21

Interviewee:  Marine Cessans, Technical Equipment Product Manager

Rossignol FW20/21 Snow Helmets

Photo of Marion Haerty by Jeremy Bernard

Do you have any new models, accessories or innovations in the pipeline for FW20/21? Please talk us through them.  
Our New ALTA Impacts is the best compromise between comfort, lightness, and protection for all the mountain lovers.

The durable design features our IMPACTS technology with a EPP multi-impact foam combination for enhanced all-around durability. The Fit System adjustment system lets you dial in a precise, custom fit, while adjustable vents let you manage your temperature as needed.

The magnetic goggle clip is very easy to use with gloves.

Available in 4 colors : Red, Black, White, Blue

Are your products targeted to specific customers / rider types?
All Mountain / freeride riders

Rossignol FW20/21 Snow Helmets

Have you noticed a change in attitude towards wearing snow helmets/ protection? Do you think people are generally more risk-averse in recent years?
More and more people are wearing helmets, in all the markets.

In which area do you see the biggest growth in the helmet/protection market?
All over the world

Rossignol FW20/21 Snow Helmets

Please talk us through your 2-3 keys models for FW20/21.
ALTA IMPACTS Helmet (see above) – available in 4 colors.

TEMPLAR IMPACTS is still in the range.

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