Airboard's SS20 SUPs

Airboard SS20 SUP Preview

Retail Buyers Guide:  SUP SS20

Brand name:  Airboard
Interviewee:  Joe Steiner, Founder

Airboard's SS20 SUPs

Is it fair to claim the global SUP market has peaked? Will 2020 be the year of consolidation?
Talking to people and family we realize that the majority of European People have not yet been on a SUP – but everybody knows about the sport and wants to try some day. We still see a high growth potential – convincing innovations and appealing designs are the key factors to succeed.

With events such as PaddleExpo, 2020 pre-books are on the agenda for retailers: what is your marketing story for 2020?
Airboard goes west – Surf Expo Oklahoma USA

Which SUP categories are performing well for you? (allround, touring, race, waves, river, downwind, foiling…)
All-round Packages – Touring – Ultra Light

Airboard's SS20 SUPs

Inflatables VS Hardboards: is there a hardboard market for the casual rider or are hardboards the exclusive realm of core riders?
We learned that pro hardboard racers also have an interest in inflatables as they offer some advantages when it comes to transport.

Inflatables: Which new technologies & models are you implementing in 2020?
Light weight – small packs – smart accessories!

Hardboards: Composite boards are now marginal as far as demographics are concerned. Though, they embody the performance SUPing. What are your latest refinements as far as high-performance hardboards are concerned?
We are dedicated to inflatable SUP Boards only!

Airboard's SS20 SUPs

Should the hydrofoil be seen as a bonus for the SUP market or as a threat, meaning cannibalism of its own audience?
Not sure if this is a demand from the mass market.

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