PPC 2023 Foiling Preview

PPC 2023 Foiling Preview

Retail Buyers Guide:  Foiling 2023 Retail Buyer’s Guide
Brand:  PPC
Interviewee: Owner / designer

Is the wingfoil fad boosting all the foiling disciplines (kiteboard, wind foiling, foil surfing, foil SUP…)? Or did the wing cannibalize the market?

In my opinion wingfoiling has expanded all areas of foiling disciplines. We also have a store in New Zealand, called NZ Foil Centre so we see what’s happening in the market very clearly. Many customers who started / learnt to foil with the wing are now moving over to tow/prone & other foil disciplines.

Price points used to be a major barrier for the democratization of the foiling activities. Is that still true?

Yes, I believe that’s still true. However many brands still have a good price point option. There will always be the premium price levels in the sport. Lets face it kiting / windsurfing aren’t weren’t cheap & still aren’t. On the positive its not as expensive as motor sport.

Do you do packages (hydrofoil + board, and possibly wing/kite)? Please explain why you do or do not offer packages.

No, we do not offer packages. We sell our boards, wings & accessories separately. We understand that our customers may just want our board, or just our wing so we are quite open minded there. I think anyone who sells their brand as a package is limiting their potential market.

The modular foiling setup grew in popularity, making it possible to ride in multiple conditions and to adapt to various disciplines. What is your take of this trend?

For sure, foils are modular for a good reason. This is not a trend, it’s a norm. Any brand who doesn’t offer a modular system doesn’t have a market in my opinion. 

What are the highlights of your 2023 hydrofoil offer?

We are currently working on our foil with some of the most experienced foil/hydrodynamics specialists in the world… watch this space. 

What are the highlights of your 2023 foilboard offer?

Our new wing board model (the Soar) is in hot demand, with extremely positive feedback all over the world. It also helps its made with the most premium construction in the world. Our boards have a ‘zero track failure rate’ They are super strong, which being light weight. Two very hard words to get in the same sentence…

Do you fiddle with new materials/alloys as far as wings/masts are concerned?

Our engineers do & we test them to ensure we are getting that rider feedback which results in great product. That would be various types of carbon weave & layup. It comes down to how these materials are put together & what technique is used in the final stages of production. 

What is the added value of your brand concerning Retailer Support: Education (online/physical), POS in shops, Clinics, etc.?

Key Products:

_ _ _ _Soar board (wing foil board) _ _ _ _ _

The Soar board is an evolution from our initial wing board the ‘glide’. The major concept behind the design of our wing boards is to have maximum stability for as little swing weight as possible. Through many prototypes here in New Zealand we settled on the Soar. 

Constructed with our unique moulded core, carbon/pvc sandwich wrap, creating the strongest, lightest boards on the market.

soar board

soar board

_ _ _ _ _ x-blend wing (latest ppc wing)_ _ _ _

The x-blend is our new wing model for 2022/23. After the success of our initial wing, the Surge we had a need to come out with another model featuring the characteristics we knew our customers wanted in a wing. By reducing the number of panels & rotating them we were able to save weight. We altered the strut geometry & re postioned the handles. Along with many more subtle improvements, the Blend was born. From Blend we added our custom carbon x-ply cloth to the panels which take on the majority of the loading. The x-blend was born. The lightest, forward power feel, and most balanced wing to date.

blend wing

blend wing

_ _ _ _board shim (most affordable way to improve your entire foil set up) _ _ _ _ _

By far the smallest product of the ppc foiling range, our board shim is one of our biggest sellers. Add this little beauty under your mast plate & feel the difference on the balance of your board. If you feel too much back foot pressure while foiling position the thicker end to the back & it will flatten the rocker of your board therefore giving you a more level flight. Too much front foot pressure position thick end to the front of your board. For $29 is can dramatically improve your foil set up.

board shim

board shim

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