Quiksilver FW22 Wetsuit preview

Quiksilver F/W22 Wetsuit Preview

Retail Buyers Guide:  Wetsuits F/W 2022 Retail Buyer’s Guide
Brand:  Quiksilver
Interviewee: Simon Charlesworth, Global Marketing Manager - Water Universe

As far as the European market is concerned, which categories among winter wetsuits are on the rise, which ones are fading? (top end vs entry level, supple 4/3 vs hooded armor, backzip vs chest zips…)

Sales have been very good in Europe like in the reste au the world and the main challenge has been to answer the growing demand. Our different segments are growing, from beginning wetsuits (prologue) to our most performance-oriented ones (Highline). Covid-19 and the different lockdowns created a strong demand for outdoor activities and our growing sales of wetsuits are the results of it.

Everyday Session wetsuit is the best sales with a good value for money that our clients, especially our capsule model developed in collaboration with Mikey Wright. Our Hooded models are increasing as well and we felt this global trend on the market but numbers have definitely confirmed it.,

Finally, we have sold a lot more of backzip wetsuit. This can be explained by the high number of beginners but also by the fact that our young consumer is coming back on this type of wetsuits.  

After a couple years spent coping with the storm, will 2022 be the year of progression with innovations aplenty?

22 there will still be a lag in getting full capacity back with the industry suppliers.  As we made such significant range overhaul in 21 the 22 season is about refinement of material and technology within the new segments of Highline, Marathon Sessions and Everyday sessions.  We bring new liner and rubber, (Highlite Dryflex)  to our Highline suit which is our top of the range segment.  Its more flexible and dry’s quicker as the name suggests. 

Is there a sweetspot as far as winter wetty prices? On that matter, is an increase of the retail price to be expected due to the costs of materials/shipping?

Sadly like almost every industry in 2022 there are price rises a result of increased shipping and raw material costs.

Please sum up your key innovations in FW22? (rubber, lining, seams, constructions, entry system…)

Our new Highlite Dryflex a more flexible rubber with sustainable quick drying exterior liner.

More environnmentaly-friendly options exist out there regarding materials, yet they don’t account for the bulk of business. Is the consumer to blame?

we see the industry at a transition point, the innovation change is coming but its taking time to be fully embraced, supplier, retailer and consumer.  There is significant sustainable evolution in quiksilver wetsuits with liners dyeing process, minimizing Petro chemicals, water-based glues. 

Key Products:

Highline Pro
The Highline Pro 1mm. Our best wetsuit for your best surfing. Created from a vision of making the world’s lightest and most flexible suit. Handmade in Japan from only 5 panels – for maximum flexibility and unrestricted movement. Surf fast. Surf hard. The Highline Pro won’t let you down.

3:2mm Highline

3:2mm Highline


Capsule Saturn BZ
Saturn capsule Range heavily influenced from the late 90’s and early 2000.

2.5 Capsule Everyday Sessions G-Skin

2.5 Capsule Everyday Sessions G-Skin



Everyday Sessions Mikey Wright

Mikey Wright lets his surfing do the talking, and his signature wetsuit do just that. Murdered out in black with art pulled from the depths of our archive. perfect blend of comfort and durability, style and performance. Backed with Mikey’s approval for you to put to the test.


3:2mm Everyday Sessions

3:2mm Everyday Sessions



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