Columbia FW20/21 Women's Outerwear

Columbia FW20/21 Women’s Outerwear Preview

Retail Buyers Guide:  Women’s Outerwear FW20/21

Brand: Columbia

Columbia FW20/21 Women's Outerwear

What’s the overall theme behind next year’s outerwear? From which big trends do you take your inspiration?
Columbia was one of the world’s most infamous skiwear brands in the 80s and 90s. The Ski market since the 2000s has become a lot busier and more and more brands have got in on the action, literally. We want to readdress the importance of ski to our brand in the fall winter season by using our background in Ski from the 80s through to the 90s to bring something fresh that will capture the tastes of generation Y and Z while renewing an offer that stays true to our core consumers from the 2000s.

InFrom which big trends do you take your inspiration?
We have reached deep into our own archives and heritage to capitalize on a trend to bring an urban aesthetic with archive styling into wintersports.

What new fits / silhouettes are coming next year? What pant and jacket styles are most important in your range?
Our Fall20 Wintersports range is 70% new for Fall20. We have the wildcard insulated jacket at €329,99 which is a new stretch insulated alpine ski jacket with our Omn-Heat 3D lining, a fabric mix to re-enforce the shell and add the right amount of mobility where needed, a new ventilation system built into the lining and a tonne more features and functionality. We also have archive inspired fully ski functional interchange for a retro look, the tracked out jacket and an Anorak shell at €199.99 which we’re really excited about selling even outside of our wintersports collection, the dust on crust.

Columbia FW20/21 Women's Outerwear

What pant and jacket styles are most important in your range?
An important new style this season is the Abbott Peak jacket at €219.99. It is at the highlight of our better level offer, with our Omni-heat reflective technology and angled baffles giving a cool and feminine look. It comes in solids but also has fun prints and color-blocked iterations.  This can be coupled with our new Kick Turner pant at €139.99. Another important newness to mention is the Mount Bindo as we are bringing a parka style into the ski line, as this is a new play for us and attracting a different consumer.

What’s new in colours / prints?
In the Anorak and some key midlayers we have a new ‘TYPO’ print, taking the letters of the Columbia name and jumbling them up in order and color to make our key all over and body print for the season.

Any *NEW* technical stories concering fabrics and materials?
In our Wintersports range we are very excited about the addition of Omni-Heat 3D lining, (insert official explanation) to our Wild Card jacket. In our inline range we are adding a brand new story to omni-heat with the addaition of Omni-Heat Black dot to the family. (insert official explanation) This has not been applied to our wintersports styles in it’s first season but who knows what F21 will bring.

Columbia FW20/21 Women's Outerwear

What are the three most important products in next year’s range? Why? Please tell us about them.
As mentioned before, the Wild Card Jacket @ €329.99, it’s a key price point for Women’s in the Ski Market where we can measure ourselves against all of the best and where we have in the past been reluctant to play. Now we have a technology story, a feature set, a fabric mix and aestethic that gives ALOT of jacket for this price point.

Mount Bindo Jacket @ €249.99 : This is a new play from us, a ski parka with a feminie shape and a cool estethic. It has a stretch shell with a faux fur and comes in 4 different colorways.

The Dust on Crust @ €199.99 mentioned above, as we have huge sucess in anoraks outside of wintersports will be very important for us, not only in Men’s but also catching-up in Women’s. This silhouette has been really well received by all of our retailers – even those that don’t buy into ski/snow!! The overall design, multiple pockets and the full length two way zips on the side venting make it very  easy to wear and use, unlike many anoraks.

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