DC 21/22 Snowboard Boots Preview

DC 21/22 Snowboard Boots Preview

Retail Buyers Guide:  Snowboard Boots 21/22 Retail Buyer’s Guide
Brand:  DC
Interviewee: Sonam Sigayret, Snow Category Manager

Please provide an overview of how 2021/22 is shaping up for your brand. Has COVID-19 affected your line? If so, please explain the changes you’ve made, and how you came to these decisions.
Our main objective for 21/22 is to improve on the current product and expand our Step On program where we are seeing strong demand. We had several innovative projects in the works but based on the current situation we decided to put them on hold as we are not sure of the investment/revenue ratio.

How much of your new line (pre-COVID) is normally dedicated to new models and artwork, and how has this changed, percentage-wise, for 21/22?
This is highly dependent on sell-in/sell-thru performances and the product life cycle. Generally, 10% of the line is dedicated to novelties every season. Colors/graphics/materials are reviewed every year as we try to be consistent through all of our product types by aligning on design stories. We have not changed our approach this winter.

If you’re pressing ahead with new items, what are the top three most important products of next year’s line, and why? Please refer specifically to new products here, and not just new marketing stories.
We are expanding our Step On® partnership with Burton and will be offering the Judge Step On® boot as our higher-end model. This allows the Step On® consumer to have two different brands and fit options.

Our freestyle staple the Mutiny boot is also completely re-designed and takes inspiration from the core skate footwear line.

DC 21/22 Snowboard Boots

DC Mutiny

Will you be using any previously unseen materials (in build, cushioning, support or grip) or construction methods?
After another heavy winter of R&D and feedback from team riders, we have decided to revamp our boot liners by moving away from the Red/White/Black classification to a more comprehensive Response 1/2/3 grading system.

Our new Response Liners are designed to maximize the performance of each and every DC Snowboarding boot. They boast enhanced materialization, 3M Thinsulate insulation, faux fur lining, multi-density foam.

What lacing systems are your main focus in 21/22, and why? Is shifting customer preference influencing what you offer, or are things pretty stable now?
BOA is our number 1 lacing solution; the average consumer is gaining confidence in this system and with the all-new upgraded H4 dials we believe that this is the best option on the market.

Our traditional lace boots range is also growing steadily and addressed to a “core” consumer.

Please tell us about the dominant visual themes in next year’s boot line (materials as well as colours), including any interesting artist collabs you have lined up.
We kitted out some of our favorite snow pieces with the proprietary camo supplier Mossy Oak® and selected the Country Roots Midnight print. The dark and discreet print delivers a unique POV of the popular pattern. This will be featured on our printed colorway of the Mutiny

This year we worked hard on finding design elements that could improve our shelf appeal once in-store. As a result, you will notice strategically placed color accents, printed panels on the liner, color and print variations on the outsole.

Which part of your range are you investing in the most? Freestyle, freeride, do-it-all, beginner…? Why?
Step On represents our current biggest investment as we are seeing great user feedback and sales results, this would be categorized as all-mountain. Our brand DNA is rooted in freestyle and we always look to improve this part of the line.

DC 21/22 Snowboard Boots

DC Judge Step On

Which other footwear sectors do you follow which influence the line?
Our prime influences take cues from streetwear trends to bridge the gap between our boots and the brand. Another important angle is paying homage to our rich brand heritage, with memorable designs that help us sketch our future models.

What are your top marketing stories for next season?

At DC we value progression over anything else. So, for Winter 2022 we added Burton’s Step On® interface to two more of our premium boots. Step On® versions of the team’s favorite Men’s Judge and high-tech Women’s Mora complement the Control and Lotus models that we introduced last year. By combining the convenience of step on with DC’s proven comfort and performance, this is our most progressive boot lineup ever.


After another heavy winter of R&D and feedback from team riders, we’re proud to roll out our brand-new Response Liners in 2022. Whether dialing in, lacing up, or stepping on, the Response Liners are designed to maximize the performance of each and every DC Snowboarding boots


Whether you’re on the hunt for fresh backcountry pow or just spinning around the park, the Mossy Oak® camo collection has you covered. We kitted out some of our favorite snow pieces with the Mossy Oak® Country Roots Midnight print. The dark and discreet fabric ties together a distinctly DC collaboration.

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