Flaxta 2022/23 Snow Helmets Preview

Flaxta 2022/23 Snow Helmets Preview

Retail Buyers Guide:  Snow Helmets 2022/23 Retail Buyer’s Guide
Brand:  Flaxta
Interviewee: Erik Liden, Founder and sports product nerd

What are the main trends in the snowboarding helmet market?
I would say the urge for gimmicks are gone and focus is more on real protective, comfortable helmets with a cool tonality and own identity.

What is the general consumer’s attitude towards wearing snow helmets?
Wearing a helmet is more or less a hygiene factor, which has been the case for most markets for a couple of years.


Deep Space

What were your biggest sellers in FW21/22?
Our big launch and totally brand new hybrid helmet Deep Space which is simply put the best functional and looking snow helmet out there.

Where do you expect the biggest growth in helmets for FW22/23?Freeride/allround segment.

Do you have any innovations in terms of design or materials for FW22/23?Deep Space will be launched in more versions targeting a wider user group and integrating digital safety devices.

Are you offering any accessories to your helmets?
We are looking into acc for a wider take on safety in different aspects.

Are your products targeted to specific customers / rider types?Freeride/allround segment

How are you supporting retailers to sell this category?
We are a small but stongly upcoming group. It means that we need to be more creative, flexible and quicker in the relationship with retailers. We are not treating all the same, since everybody have their own needs.


Did the restrictions at resorts last year impact the sell-through of the FW21/22 collection? If so, how have you addressed this issue?
The restrictions had a minor effect on the sell through. As a new and upcoming brand with progressive style and proven products, we are actually in the lucky position to have a strong demand even through this chaotic times.

Have you had problems with the supply of FW21/22 product? If so, how have you addressed this issue, and will this result in changes to your FW22/23 sell-in?
The only issue has been delays in the world wide freight sector where we have looked into alternative solutions for the next season.

Please name and describe in about 60 words your 3 key models for FW22/23.
Our new helmet platform Deep Space will stretch into new versions targeting a wider user group and integrating digital safety devices. The Deep Space family is now a complete and perfect choice with both progressive style and digital safety functions, targeting a wide user group to a very competitive price.


Deep Space

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