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What are the current big trends with boardsport sunglasses retailers need for 2018?
One of the big trends for 2018 for Smith Optics is meeting consumer’s desire with materials embracing practicality and sustainability, targeting a multicultural range of consumers with different needs. Customers are always in demand for high-performance eyewear: Smith responds with stylish and innovative products specifically designed for different segments.

What are your main price points for next season?
The range goes from $139 to $250.

How are you segmenting your sunglasses collection?
Smith eyewear collection in 2018 has developed into the new WHO WE SERVE platform, specifically created to meet costumers needs with different segments.

Water, Ridge and Horizon are the ones that meet boardsports consumers’ needs:

Water: Built specifically for water life needs, this collection of sunglasses feature performance-rich lens technologies, lightweight and durable frames, and superior detailing for those that truly believe in living life outside walls. The hero styles are Guide’s Choice and Transfer. Originally designed in the early 90’s, the Guide’s Choice was the go-to frame for on the water optical performance, fit, and comfort. The modernized design, with large facial coverage and wide temples to reduce glare off the water, continues the legacy of providing best in class fit, comfort, and wearability.

8-base lens curvature incorporates Smith’s most advanced eyewear technologies, including Techlite TLT glass lenses for maximum anti-scratch or Smith’s proprietary ChromaPop™ polarized lenses. Available in two frames sizes, the Transfer series provides broad coverage to limit sun and water glare with an 8-base lens curvature and an oversized fit. The large temple design limits side light while housing Smith’s new QuickFit adjustable temple technology. A wire-core mechanism is moulded within the temples to create comfortable adjustability and optimal fit on the fly. A simple adjustment tightens for a stronger hold and then easily loosens the temple tension back out when desiring a more casual fit.

Ridge: Performance features are translated in contemporary styles. The Lowdown 2 is a contemporary adaptation of the iconic Smith frame with all its technological features.

Specifically thought for women, Caper is slight butterfly-shaped sunglass that references vintage proportions with a contemporary surface design.

Horizon: The outdoor must have. The new frames, Comeback and Cruisader, are a perfect blend of performance, style and innovations. Once a staple of the 1990’s, the Comeback is the newest release from a long line of distinct flat top sunglasses designed by Smith. Constructed of proprietary Evolve eco-friendly material it is a large coverage frame ready for anything.

The Crusader is a re-imagined pantos-style sunglass designed to not only stand out but to have all the active details you expect from Smith.


What are your main stories in terms of styles and materials for 2018?
Our new 2018 styles share a common design language, that represents essential modernity and innovative functionality in different product segments, that converge into the Who We Serve platform.

The common thread is the lens construction to optimize performance: ChromaPop™ polarized lenses provide the highest level of enhanced colour and clarity.

We precisely align the finest polarized filters and finish our lenses with multi-layer mirror, Anti-Reflective (A/R), anti-scratch, and Hydroleophobic lens coatings.

The final result is an artfully crafted lens that preserves colour perception and delivers optimized optical clarity and precision in all environments.



What makes this product category important to your brand?
This product collection, thanks to its width, allowing Smith to reach different consumers and offer them many solutions highly customized for their needs. Moreover, as a brand part of a manufacturing company that bases its values on tradition, excellence, savoir-faire and innovation, Smith sunglasses collection is constantly growing on this legacy, fostering the incredible craftsmanship and technical innovations.

What are your talking points with POS? Anything special you’re doing to sell help retailers sell/present your product (packaging/displays)?
The focus at the point of sale is to highlight Smith proprietary technologies, such as ChromaPop™, which help you see detail and colours beyond normal capabilities allowing to perform confidently and have more fun.


What are the main features customers demand from boardsports sunglasses?
Costumers frequently demand high performing lenses, cool frames and light eyewear, and Smith designs its products to provide them with the best protection and clarity of vision, to satisfy even the most selective ones.

Which technical features are you the most proud of?
Of our lens construction, to optimize performance: ChromaPop™ polarized lenses provide the highest level of enhanced colour and clarity.

Chromapop, Techlite glass and Carbonic lens constructions are optimized to provide a variety of optical and impact-resistant benefits. We precisely align the finest polarized filters and finish our lenses with multi-layer mirror, Anti-Reflective (A/R), anti-scratch, and Hydroleophobic lens coatings. The end result is an artfully crafted lens that preserves colour perception and delivers optimized optical clarity and precision in all environments.

Of course also Smith Polarization, that cuts glare. Glare off of horizontal surfaces like snow, water, and asphalt, decreases depth perception and reduces visual acuity which causes eye fatigue. We precisely align the polarized visual layer inside our lenses to filter out 99.9% of this “visual static” for a finely tuned view of the action.

What is the trend in terms of frame materials?
For Smith, the trend in terms of material is the use of the eco-friendly and proprietary Evolve material, of which our sunglasses are made.

How about lenses?
When you see more, you can do more. ChromaPop™ lens technology helps you see details and colours beyond normal capabilities. It filters two specific wavelengths of light that cause colour confusion. The eye’s retina has trouble perceiving the difference between blue and green, and red and green light. ChromaPop™ filters these specific crossovers, allowing greater definition, natural colour, and clarity.



Bonus question: Are you exploring tech implementation into your frames at all (augmented reality, audio, etc)?
We are launching the new Smith LOWDOWN FOCUS sunglasses in Europe (already available in North America). Smith Lowdown Focus is the first brain sensing eyewear that gives the user real-time feedback on cognitive training for better focus and concentration.

The benefits of cognitive training on well-being include a heightened sense of self-awareness, increased focus and lower stress.

These innovative smart sunglasses, combined with the Smith Focus app, deliver this training by integrating Interaxon’s MuseTM brain-sensing technology into the popular and stylish Smith Lowdown frames. The result is a beautifully designed and lightweight eyewear that anyone can sport every day.

The electronics and EEG sensors that measure brain activity are invisibly integrated into the frame. Sensor data is transmitted to the app via Bluetooth, where brain activity is translated in real-time into guiding sounds that reflect the state of mind of the user.

Sessions are designed to allow a user to train their focus in as little as 1 minute per day, up to 3 hours.

Within the Smith Focus app, users can tailor their cognitive training to their own needs; from quick drop-in sessions to scheduled training and downloadable content aimed at improving sleep, focus, relaxation and performance. Users receive visual feedback on each session and can track of personal progress, review data, and improve their practice.

Motivational challenges and rewards are specifically designed to encourage the user to build a more regular and effective practice.


Please name and describe your 3 highlight pieces and items that retailers should definitely order.

Our picks are:

The Lowdown 2 is a new interpretation of the iconic Smith frame, with its new take on surface design and an updated flatter 4-base face front. Constructed of proprietary Evolve eco-friendly material, the lightweight yet durable frame features integrated no-slip megol on the nose pads, which gently adheres to the skin when reacting with perspiration to create a secure fit. Additional features include auto-lock hinges and RX compatibility. Each of the nine colour options is exclusively featured with ChromaPop™ lens technology to amplify detail and enhance natural colour beyond normal capabilities. Also available is the new Lowdown 2 Slim, a scaled-down version of the same design.

The Crusader offers a flat 4-base face front in a large coverage frame, comprised of Evolve eco-friendly material, with no-slip megol nose pads to ensure comfort and fit. Each of the five colour options is provided exclusively with ChromaPop™ lenses to amplify every awesome detail as you head into uncharted territory.

The Caper is specifically thought for women. The 4-base face front has hidden performance details that make all the difference, including megol nose pads for a precise no-slip fit and all-day comfort. The five colour options of the large coverage style, comprised of Evolve eco-friendly material, are also exclusively featured with ChromaPop™ lens technology to roam the world in full detail.

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