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Aphex Sunglasses 2024 Preview

Retail Buyers Guide:  Sunglasses S/S 2024 Retail Buyer‘s Guide
Brand:  Aphex
Interviewee: Marketing

How was the sunglasses market overall in 2023?
We had a great year, and we believe that our bio based sunglasses have a great future in front

What new trends have you seen for sunglasses in board sports for 2024?
We bring out our new models called Dune, classic design with side caps for extra protection on windy days or extreme sunny days. Further we our new IX model with futuristic design, and with the new LEO and LYRA some more all-round sunglasses

What segment of your offering is selling best in 2024 so far?
That depends on the shop, we have some shops selling our oversized and bike models very well, while some shops are selling only the more fashion orientated sunglasses. We have a strong feeling that the oversized frames are very popular at the moment.



Have you introduced any frame shapes and colours in your 2024 offer?
Yes, we bring out 4 new designs, all bio based frames they are called IX, Dune, Leo and Lyra, which are all available in different colors.

Which lens technologies from your 2024 offer are most in demand?
We use polarized lenses on all our models and with our IQ2.0 we offer a Q-View extra lens. We also offer a photochromic lens for our IQ2.0.

Have you introduced any new lens colours and tints in your 2024 offering?
We stay for the moment in our natural colour range



Any noteworthy sustainable practices in your production and shipping processes this year?
We keep using our ARKEMA bio based plastics & carton packaging

What are your marketing stories?
APHEX, love the light – And on our IQ2.0, we have our replaceable lenses which fit to our customizable story of our goggles

How are you supporting retailers to sell this category?
We offer wide range of products, which are in all shops we currently supply in the top ranking of sell-though and most healthy shop margins.  We have some displays, advertisements and pro-rider program for extra support.



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