MOKEN Sunglasses 2024 Preview

Retail Buyers Guide:  Sunglasses S/S 2024 Retail Buyer‘s Guide
Brand:  MOKEN
Interviewee: PIERRE LEGALL, Founder of Moken Organic Eyewear

How was the sunglasses market overall in 2023?
As with the entire sports network, it hasn’t been an easy year but our brand managed to do well thanks to quality, innovation and especially design.

What new trends have you seen for sunglasses in board sports for 2024?
Retro panoramic screen inspired from the 80s/90s

What segment of your offering is selling best in 2024 so far?
Our sports and lifestyle ranges, which constitute 90% of our product offering, got off to a very good start this year.

Have you introduced any frame shapes and colours in your 2024 offer?
We are innovating with new frame colors on shapes already introduced to the market in 2023 to expand our range in the outdoor and fashion segments.

Which lens technologies from your 2024 offer are most in demand?
The Line Tracker technology,  a highly polarized and superhydro pink lens. Its unique chromic color balance allow you to better identify every aspect of your playground.

Have you introduced any new lens colours and tints in your 2024 offering?
Following its success in the winter collection, we are introducing the Linetracker glass in our 2024 lenses. The “retro Inuit” gradient lens with an innovative horizontal gradient flash treatment will be launched next winter.

Any noteworthy sustainable practices in your production and shipping processes this year?
We have completely removed the use of plastics that are not bio-sourced or biodegradable in our product offering, logistics and shipping. We optimize workflows to optimize the volume of our shipments.

What are your marketing stories?
We keep on with our eco-friendly commitment and highlight a core, fun and offbeat approach through our campaigns and our riders. 2024 will be Moken’s 10th anniversary, with some special events and product collabs launches around brand DNA: sustainability and fun.

How are you supporting retailers to sell this category?
We support our retailers by pushing POPs and following them closely with our sales reps, making sure they understand well the demand.

Key Products:

Discover the Kurtiss goggle, a perfect fusion of retro style and modern functionality. With its premium interchangeable lenses, this goggle offers unrivalled visual clarity on the snowy slopes. What’s more, it comes with a white lens for extra protection against splashes. Adjustable temples and nosepiece ensure a comfortable fit for all, while its unisex design adapts to all riders, whether novice or experienced. Inspired by the early days of snowboarding in the ’80s, the Kurtiss pushes the boundaries of style and performance, redefining the mountain riding experience.



Immerse yourself in the essence of 90s surfing with the Santo bezel, a perfect fusion of performance and core style. Removable covers offer unparalleled versatility, allowing every enthusiast to adapt. Enjoy optimum protection with lenses available in category 3 and 4, ensuring clear vision and unwavering confidence, whatever the conditions. Add a touch of distinctive style to your next outdoor adventure with Santo eyewear, the ideal choice for performance enthusiasts looking for the perfect fusion of style and functionality.



Discover the revisited version of the iconic Hawkins model with the Hawkins Vintage. An elegant evolution of our flagship model, the Hawkins, this model reinvents the iconic glacier experience. With its removable covers, immerse yourself in a world of ultimate customization, going from retro-chic charm to an ultra-fashionable Glacier Perf look in an instant. Explore the infinite potential of your style with the Hawkins Vintage, a tribute to the past combined with modernity, offering unrivalled versatility for every mountain enthusiast in search of authenticity.



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