Roxy Sunglasses 2024 Preview

Retail Buyers Guide:  Sunglasses S/S 2024 Retail Buyer‘s Guide
Brand:  ROXY
Interviewee: JP Bonnemason / Global eyewear product manager

How was the sunglasses market overall in 2023?
We saw a slight decrease compared to the last 2 years. Good sell out on the technical frames. People are looking for tech features and benefits in their outdoor activities.

What new trends have you seen for sunglasses in board sports for 2024?
The main key trend is still the rectangular shape from the 90’s. We keep offering oversized butterfly shapes.

What segment of your offering is selling best in 2024 so far?
The lifestyle products with a fashion orientation are still selling best in 2024. Those frames are handmade by acetate with Zeiss lenses.

Have you introduced any frame shapes and colours in your 2024 offer?
We launch  5 new fashion styles in acetate: 1 cateye, 1 oversized geometric shape and 3 rectangular eyeshapes. Those ones are in bio acetate with Zeiss lenses. We also launch new acetate chains with color matching the frames.

Which lens technologies from your 2024 offer are most in demand?
We are still offering a large panel of polarized lenses mainly on grey lenses and green lenses.

Have you introduced any new lens colours and tints in your 2024 offering?
No new colours and tints, we use to collaborate with Zeiss lenses in grey, brown and green with sometimes some flash treatments.

Any noteworthy sustainable practices in your production and shipping processes this year?
One of the main focus of the Boardriders group is to offer sustainable products. The Roxy eyewear collection will be at 100% of the range sustainable. It means that 100% of the Roxy sunnies range will be made with new materials and at least 30% of the total weight of the product is sustainable. We use the following materials:

  • Re PET: recycled plastic bottles material
  • Bio nylon: Rilsan G850 is a high performance copolyimide based on renewable resources.
  • Bio acetate: made with plasticisers from 100% renewable sources rather than oil-based ones

All the packagings, cases, cardboards, hangtags, polybags are recycled.

How are you supporting retailers to sell this category?
Displays available

Key Products:

Handmade bio acetate frame. Zeiss CR39 lenses. 110€.

Roxy Vadella

Roxy Vadella

Handmade bio acetate frame. Zeiss CR39 lenses. 110€.

Roxy Albahia

Roxy Albahia

Handmade bio acetate frame. Zeiss CR39 lenses. 110€.

Roxy Nikah

Roxy Nikah

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