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Retail Buyers Guide:  Sunglasses S/S 2024 Retail Buyer‘s Guide
Brand:  Sunski
Interviewee: Sindre Klepp, Head of Design

How was the sunglasses market overall in 2023?
The market overall was good, and we saw a lot of focus on sustainability from the market overall. We were one of the pioneers in sustainability, with one of the first 100% post industrially recycled frames. Now so many players are using better practices around materials, sourcing, design and other clever ways to enhance their sustainability offering. We love that we’re seeing some more competition when it comes to sustainability. It’s good for the planet that everyone cares.

What new trends have you seen for sunglasses in board sports for 2024?
We’ve seen a lot of moves into chunkier and more bold frames, leaning a little more into fashion than in previous years. As well as a renewed interest in Both large shields and alpine styles. Weve offered award winning alpine shades since 2018, so this is a category that’s not slowing down just yet, which we love to see, as it goes hand in hand with some of our favorite backcountry activities.

What segment of your offering is selling best in 2024 so far?
Since 2024 just started, and it’s still not super sunny in the northern hemisphere, we’re selling more of the Alpine category, which is quite typical for this time of year. When the sun picks back up, our everyday collection picks up the pace.

Have you introduced any frame shapes and colours in your 2024 offer?
We have introduced two new frames so far, the Vallarta and the Estero. They should have just launched on our site by the time this article comes out. We’ve also introduced some new colors in our existing styles that we wanted to give a little refresh.

Which lens technologies from your 2024 offer are most in demand?
Our premium lenses are quite popular. We just introduced a new lens we’re calling Helio, for our Alpine products which has been doing great right out of the gate.

Have you introduced any new lens colours and tints in your 2024 offering?
We have got a few low light lens options introduced for the first time. Made for those not super sunny days where you still want some protection against bright light.

Any noteworthy sustainable practices in your production and shipping processes this year?
We’re planning further ahead to ensure we have accurate inventory at the right time, to avoid any air shipments which saves lots of carbon emissions. We’re reducing the amount of material used in our packaging, with a new design we’re working on to launch next year. Our packaging is of course 100% single use plastic free, and has been since 2018. And we still use 100% recycled materials for our plastic frames and are always looking for materials in all our frames that has the lowest possible footprint. Our first goal is to make our frames as durable as possible as a product that lasts a very long time is an incredibly sustainable practice in and of itself (and also why we have a lifetime warranty) the second priority is finding a material that has the least amount of impact on the planet, and to reduce emissions. Something we’re constantly working to improve, as we can always get better.

What are your marketing stories?
Our “Break up with your Goggles” campaign is always something we love to talk about during the late ski season, around February to April. It’s a story around how you don’t want goggles when touring, skiing or boarding around resorts or the backcountry during this time of year. When the sun is out in the snow, the Alpine shades should be rocked. They’re lighter, more comfortable and let in more airflow to keep your head cool than any goggle out there, hence the campaign name. We actually put up a billboard on the way to Tahoe from the Bay area a few years ago with this slogan, and got so many amazing comments from our community, so it’s clearly a message that resonates.

How are you supporting retailers to sell this category?
We have amazing displays with interchangeable graphics, and also provide any campaign material to our partners so they can use what we use in their marketing efforts. We always want to ensure all our retailers have what they need for their store, and their demographic to tell the stories they think their customers will love, so we tend to tailor our stories and programs to the needs and asks from our partner.

Key Products:

A large, Square Rectangular Aviator based on our unique premium architecture makes the Estero a standout pair. With bold proportions, a double bridge and our distinct sculpted nosepads, these frames not only look the part, but are just as comfortable as any pair of Sunskis. The Strong and durable metal frame is made of palladium coated and electroplated SAE 304 stainless steel to handle any adventure you throw at it. Subtle details hint of the aviation it was inspired from, like the filigree pattern around the lens perimeter that mimics the silhouette of a concord airplane, or the sculpted surface on the arm inspired by a wing. The large square lenses provide great coverage from the sun while making you look like you could pilot any plane you walk into.



The award-winning Treeline is a medium-large frame with extreme coverage and sun protection. A unisex style that looks great on radical guys and gals alike, the Treeline is a must-have for spring skiing and mountain pursuits. Sunski’s premier performance style mixes a classic aviator with the iconic glacier goggle. Removable magnetic sun shields protect the eyes from side glare, while perforations prevent fogging and enhance peripheral vision. The Treeline isn’t just great for snow days! Extra dark lenses and sun shields make these a great pick if you spend extended amounts of time in the snow or on the water.



Architectural, timeless and artful, the Bernina celebrates our passion for innovative design while paying homage to the classics. Sturdy dual-material construction and stainless steel hinges ensure the Bernina is rugged enough to withstand the test of time, while engraved metal details provide a touch of elevated craftsmanship. Subtle Sidewings add glare protection to a fit that’s stunningly comfortable. Grab life by the horns in this vintage aviation-inspired eyewear that effortlessly hits all the right style notes.



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