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CHPO Sunglasses 2024 Preview

Retail Buyers Guide:  Sunglasses S/S 2024 Retail Buyer‘s Guide
Brand:  CHPO
Interviewee: Nanny Bergstedt

How was the sunglasses market overall in 2023?
For chpo it was good! We can see that the demand that recycled plastic is still a dealbreaker within our customers. CHPO’s passion for value-driven initiatives contributed to a good 2023.

What new trends have you seen for sunglasses in board sports for 2024?
It’s all about blending futuristic styles with classic designs. But overall, we can see that there is something for everyone. Geometric styles, fast ones, classic oversized are coming back. Here at CHPO, we focus on more colors, heavier frames, and more geometric styles. Strong, vivid colours are a continuous trend during 2024 for us.

What segment of your offering is selling best in 2024 so far?
Lifestyle models are still the strongest, but we are continuing to sell more and more within the cycling and sports scene.

Have you introduced any frame shapes and colours in your 2024 offer?
Yes we have, 8 new models; Marina, Siljan, Alice, Rille, Kreuzberg, Kotti and Lazy. Color wise we added Turqoise, Silver, Burgundy, Mustard, Navy, Milky Tea, Forest Green

Which lens technologies from your 2024 offer are most in demand?
It’s really mix, but we can see a higher demand of see through and tinted ones on fashion and contrast enhancing on sports segment.

Have you introduced any new lens colours and tints in your 2024 offering?
Yes, we have new contrast enhancing lenses, 2 new polarized colors and tinted ones.

Any noteworthy sustainable practices in your production and shipping processes this year?
As previous years 100% of our frames are made from recycled plastic. And as if that wasn’t enough, the pouch that comes with our sunglasses is made out of recycled PET-bottles. That could be enough, but it isn’t. The plastic bags we use within and around our packaging are made out of corn. This year we also started to work with CleanHub. CleanHubs mission is to build waste management infrastructure in communities where it’s needed most and as a company working with recycled plastic we need to contribute to the solution.

What are your marketing stories?
As a value-driven company, we want to highlight the stories where we take a strong social stand for an equal society. We collaborate with non-profit or charity organizations every season, such as Skateistan, Freemovement, and Skate Nation, and the stories we tell are connected to this alongside our product stories.

How are you supporting retailers to sell this category?
Besides providing assets for campaigns, launches, and exciting collaborations, we do our best to be a partner with a great customer experience within B2B. It should be easy to get hold of us, and for 2024, we have expanded our team in both customer service and marketing. The CHPO brand is growing every year, largely because of our great retailers, so our they are a priority for us.

Key Products:

Henrik is the perfect sunglasses for any outdoor activity. The oversized lightweight frame offers great protection, and rubber temples ensure a good fit.



A power frame that will rule them all. Anna is a unisex frame made from recycled plastic.



New and upcoming. The trend of geometric glasses is still strong, and Marina has already been your best friend on both sunny and hangover days.



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