Northwave 2022/23 Splitboarding Preview

Northwave 2022/23 Splitboarding Preview

Retail Buyers Guide:  Splitboarding 2022/23 Retail Buyer‘s Guide
Brand:  Northwave
Interviewee: Davide Smania, Product Manager

Please provide an overview of how 2022/23 is shaping up for your brand.
We are proposing new hybrid closure system in order to have a dedicated mechanism to hold and lock your heel while keeping the opening of the boot so quick and smooth. New Domain, a boot model reference in backcountry, will be provided with double Spin closure system and also with SLS version.

Everyone has been affected by impacts from Covid-19 in one way or another. Have you had to change manufacturing or sourcing processes and can you explain any good examples of how your business has pivoted effectively?
We took the chance to move production to a site where we already have other shoes on production in order to have a better control. Not being to travel was affecting the capability for new development so we invested more in the partner to have a better co-development.

The bricks and mortar model is changing rapidly. How are you working with retailers and your ecommerce channel to ensure as little conflict as possible? 
We are trying to avoid conflicts at the best, the old distribution chain has still a big importance also for the added value they can provide especially on certain markets. I have to mention that a lot of “traditional shops” have also the online part, so it’s fair to not be too aggressive with our e-commerce.

What’s your company doing to improve its carbon footprint/eco consciousness?
We are working together with an external agency which is supporting us on this path. We truly want to change the actual situation and not just take advantage of an easy greenwashing.

Are you using any new materials in your hardware for 22/23? If so, what, and why? 
We don’t have a specific binding for spliboarding

Prices: Which area of the market do you primarily cater to, price-wise? Has this changed at all in recent times, or is it pretty consistent?
Our Domain CR, the unique snowboard boot compatible with fully automatic crampons has been having good responses from heavy user. It is not a cheap boot, but it has been appreciated from technical riders.

Most brands tell us that selling in store is really important for splitboard gear, as it’s where you can get good advice. Can this be maintained post-COVID, or will you be looking to find more customers online?
We are having  more demos than ever, having a test ride directly is probably much better than chatting inside a shop.

What are your three biggest European markets for splitboard hardware?
Italy, France, Spain

Best Sellers/Hero products

DOMAIN 2SPIN: Our most responsive boot in the collection with a flex 9/10 is really appreciated for his support, the power strap is there to complete it. From this season we made the more user friendly version by equipping this model with the combination of two SPIN wire closure system, one for the upper and the other dedicated for the heel “Locker” retention system.